Well dang. If you didn't think Scott Adams was a piece of shit before, just look at him now!

Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has been a bit of a shitbird over the past few years. You can Google the deets, but mostly spouting anti-vax, pro-Trump, Satanic conspiracies in the Democratic party, etc.

He’s got a Youtube channel where he likes to natter on about right-wing bullshit. Well yesterday’s video was a doozy. You can watch it here (I’ve got it queued up to the 14:30 mark, where he starts his racist rant by claiming that he’s “identified as black for a while, years now…” Not sure what that’s about, but apparently he’s no longer identifying as Black. Honestly, I can’t tell if this is some smirking dig at the nonbinary community or if he’s serious.)

In case you can’t watch the video, or don’t care to click on Youtube links, here’s a summary with some quotes:

The ol’ MAGAboy has decided to start saying the quiet stuff out loud apparently. In the video he says “the best advice I would give to white people would be to get the hell away from Black people.” Follows that up with a smirking, “Get the fuck away. Wherever you have to go, just get away. This can’t be fixed. You just have to escape.” He goes on to tell us that “it makes no sense whatsoever as a white citizen of America to try and help Black citizens anymore” and “it makes no sense to help Black Americans if you’re white. It’s over, don’t even think it’s worth trying.”

Oh, and he’s really “sick of seeing video after video of Black Americans beating up non-Black citizens.” Claims that “every damn day [there’s] some video on social media of some Black person beating the shit out of some White person.” He’s “kinda over it.” He calls black people a “hate group,” and he officially resigns from said hate group. Doubling down, apparently, on considering himself a black person heretofore. But he’s out now. No longer black.

And there you have it. Full blown nuttery? Or just a normal Black History Month message from your average Republican?

If he is so against black people, why did he have Kanye hold his beer?

As an increasingly old codger myself, I think it’s more a case of the elderly ossifying and becoming progressively less capable of adapting to social change; or as the elderly might put it “putting up with bullshit”. Basically, get old enough and you start to dismiss everything as a fad or a con. One of these is “identifying” as a race or ethnic group, which to older sensibilities seems like an extreme affectation.

Adams is simply turning into that cranky old neighbor who used to refer to blacks as “coons” and “jigaboos”, and is too old to give a damn if you don’t like it.

No, I think he’s just batshit. Those last few marbles slipped out of his fever-sweaty hands.

So, what, go back to Europe?

There are Black people there, too. I think what he’d like to do is get together with Elon Musk and go to Mars. I approve, and the two of them would get along really well.

Adams is so nutty he exudes cashew butter from his pores. He’s a goose farmer in search of his last gosling. His load of bricks has gotten progressively lighter as they’re fallen unsecured from his flatbed. His marbles aren’t so much lost as disappeared into another universe, and his elevator got jammed on a sublevel long ago.

Unfortunately, the GOP establishment has skewed it’s median bias significantly toward nuttery like election denialism with zero evidence or an obsessive concern over what is alleged to be on the President’s son’s abandoned laptop along with conspiracy theories even too ridiculous for the Rupert Murdoch’s talking Fox News puppets to repeat and it’s now difficult to distinguish a Republican convention from the psych ward save that nobody is restraining the GOP loons.


Shit, it’s Black History Month? That explains sooo much about the current rash of woke-is-bad/don’t-get-uppity-about-bigotry threads.

Words matter. I understand the idea that old people (like me) become old coots who are unwilling to suffer fools silently. I try to cut people a break for that.

But words like Adam’s are the seeds of racial animosity, violence, and even genocide. European antisemitism started with words that could not be said in polite company. We all know how it ended up.

Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer… 1 John 3:15

He says these things, he repeats what others have said, the words echo around gaining volume. Eventually someone is hurt or killed and Adams and his ilk honestly do not see the connection.

Further of course he is not even being edgy or an original thinker. He is just repeating what the Internet tells him. He is a confused old man who is caught in, and is part of, a computer-generated hallucination.

(Oops, I see I just violated my own boycott on reading stuff in the Pit. I did not even notice.)

This makes me think he’s fallen victim to social media algorithms that feed you stuff the algorithm thinks you find interesting.

Basically, if you watch a cat video it sends you another. If you watch that then suddenly it seems the internet is full of cat videos and little else.

So if you watch a video of a Black person beating up a “Not Black” person the algorithm will send you another, and next thing you know it’s “every damn day”. Nevermind that if you watched a video of a “Not Black” person beating up a black person you’d get more of the same.

YouTube, and other social media, want you to be always signed in so that the almighty algorithm can feed you stuff. I don’t spend all my time signed in and it’s amazing the difference in suggested videos I get signed in vs. not signed in. You can set up different profiles in various social media and play around with what you’re fed, by searching for certain things just often enough to trigger whatever algorithm they’re using.

And this is why social media is so divisive, drives people apart, and is a doorway to manipulation.

Is Dilbert still running? If it is, will it still be after these comments? They’re pretty awful, and blatant.

Is this a huge public uproar? A Twitter-Luv-Fest?

I think you’re absolutely right.

I think he started out a racist edgelord and Google, Youtube, whatever, just followed him down that rabbit hole.

It’s easy to remember because they gave it the shortest month of the year.

Is he getting any blow-back from this racist rant yet? I wonder if papers will stop dropping him.

He’s probably been this crazy for years. What he’s losing is the ability to act normal in public.

If only minorities were really the savages that this moron and his ilk think they are. White communities everywhere would be burned to the ground and Scott Adams and his ilk would be the first to get their heads kicked in.

As always, the poetry of your rants is a thing of beauty.

I read it out-loud to my wife and she was impressed by both the accuracy and the meter.

If only there had been any poetic exaggeration, but no, sadly, your ultra-realism is less enjoyed.

Personally, like in several concurrent threads, I think it’s all about him demonizing the other to make him feel superior. Despite his social media isolation and retreat into self-affirming Fox style media support, he still knows at some level that others hate him. Once those people are monsters, it reinforces his superiority, and weakens their attacks.

Nonsense. YouTube algorithms don’t turn a 65 year old man into a racist. We’re talking about a brain defect or someone whose been a racist all along.

No, Ambien does that!

I stand corrected.