Well FUCK ALL about Wars...

I’m sick of it. Them. Wars.

Not just in Countries.

Not just in History Books.

China. North Korea.

The guys in the Middle East who own the oil that pushes our transportation down the road.

Listen, Gentle People…they are all connected.

Bill Clinton and George Bush love the Saudis…WHY IS THAT?



THESE are two guys who have determined the fate of Economics the world over…
and yet…in ‘their’ club…(despite the fact that George Bush the 1st would never, EVER have embraced William Jefferson Clinton)… they run with one another.

So MUCH wealth. (Though the Saudis have so much more than George Bush ever had or William Clinton could ever grasp.)


MEN the World over know how it is all interconnected.

To retain Power they must mate with one another.
Keep the ‘other’ seven billion people turning toward their goals.


The crimes the current American power brokers have committed against the people of America are…well…just…the same…

Look around the world.

We think we’re different?

Those multiple million and billionaires across the Globe determine the fate of all of us… in every country. While they confer and discuss and ridicule and laugh at the non-entities who deliver mail and stay home to raise children and deliver gas and oil and electricity and try to better themselves in Institutes of Higher Learning.

They laugh at us.

And the ONLY thing we have to counter them with is (at least in Democricies) is NUMBERS.

We can’t find as much power with MONEY.

WE don’t have the millions and billions Corporations spend.

ALL we have is the VOTING BOOTH and remaining true to each of ourselves and what we believe in.

When EVER will this power matter?

God bless the USA.

OMG u discovered the sekret

Lay off the pipe man. Seriously.

And how many of those wars were started by the USA?

So you woke up this morning and realized we needed to vote Bill Clinton out of office?

Now that’s how you have a bender.

All wars everywhere were started by the USA, including the Napoleonic Wars.

I give the rant a B+, for sincerity and a real sense of poetic narrative.

Well, you stupid Fuck…what did YOU do to get his striated ass out of Office?

Nah, it keeps 'em docile. So the wars can go on…DON’T YOU* SEE*?!?

No. No. Don’t YOU see? (Are you really so stupid? I thought “The Straight Dope Message Board” sort of prided itself on drawing ‘intelligent’ folks.) (Though detractors beg to differ.)

Of COURSE, anyone who disagrees with RIGAMOR
**** is, obviously… no no…lay down…HE is surperior…smarter…has a better brain…he and chacoguy…good buds…smart guys…

OK lets see YOUR version(s) of politics and the World? Something more…conventional?


Wars suck.

They are terrible.

It is a shame…

people kill.

Needs to stop.

Yeah, it is

All Bush and




responsible for

all the wars

in History.

What are WE GOING TO do?

Wars have existed since the first time a caveman decided he wanted another caveman’s pretty little rock and got his friends to back him up. This is the way of it. Human beings are animals with the same capacity for violence and the same capacity for avarice as any other animal, we just have the ability to manufacture better weapons.

Lamenting this fact, while somewhat noble, is pointless.

Disagree with what? We don’t know what you’re saying.

Let me try to translate the OP from Incoherent to English:

“I think the two main American political parties are too similar in their foreign policies due to corporate influence. We, the American voters, should be seeking alternative ideas.”

Is that close?

How about you come down off of whatever it was you took and try this again.

I think we do need to lament this fact, because we’re not just fighting over rocks, or more importantly with rocks, any more. And as far as animals go, we also show an unusual ability to modify and adapt our behaviours. Which might or might not save us from ourselves.

This is the funniest thread I’ve seen in ages.

No, actually we have a better capacity for violence and avarice than all the other animals put together.

You should really get out more! :wink:

Well, you’re here, in the Pit, putting the lie to that notion…

My version of of politics and the world is one where gratuitous use of ellipsis gets one staked to an anthill.

Meanwhile, “RIGAMOR OLE”? Is that some sort of more stylish version of rigor mortis?

You’re telling me. Sad when I get my amusement from this.

I think that the O.P.s got a point, until he mentioned it I thought that war was good, also rape, murder and incest.

BOY ! do I feel silly now.