Well fuck me, part II

As part of the aftermah of the events I listed in the thread:

I have started looking for a new hanging out bar. Here is a quick breakdown of the vents at one perspective bar from here on called X.

About three weeks ago I went into X looking for it as a new alone hangout. I had a couple beers and watched two girls and a guy talking. I asked if they were up for some pool. They said yes and the game I set up the rack. By the time I got back there was a huge argument going between them and a guy I didn’t recognize. One of the girls said she had to leave, but about five minutes later came back in and said she could play a couple games. So we played a few and last call hit. As we were finishing them off, we started to talk. Aparently she had a boyfriend, who was the other guy in the arguement. As soon as I had asked them to play pool he had assumed she was cheating on him with me and started yelling at her. She tried to calm him down, but he was crazy apparently and when she tried to go home with him, he pushed her out of the car and called her a “demon whore” and said she deserved to die. She said this was a common occurance. Upon hearing this I went into my natural (plus drunken moron) Neanderthal protective instinct, and was ready to go kick his ass or call the police or protective services or someone. After about two hours of her convincing me that she could take care of it, I finally went home.

today I went into bar X, again just to grab a beer and see if it was a place I could hang out. After a couple hours I noticed an older women looking at me and smiling. I’m not advirce to meeting a women, but she was at least 25 years older than me and not really someone I’m interested in. So I smilled back politely, and didn’t think about it for a while, until I felt my chair being spun around suddenly. There was a guy and 5 of his buddies, in my face talking shit. He took great pains in pointing out that he and his friends were gay, and that his mom(the lady I smiled at) was a a lesbian( I don’t quite undertand the importance of that, but He said it like five times so I feel I need to report it). I was in shock and tried to explain that I was being polite, and wasn’t ‘Disrepecting’(his word) anyone. He said he and his freinds were going to kick my ass.

Now I’m only about 5’10, but I weigh around 260. There is a huge amount of fat, but there is a decent amount of muscle there too. Usually I’m just a lazy bastard flopping in a chair unimposingly, but when someone hits the key words “kick your ass”. It triggers something. So I stood up, took on some good posture, which made it apparent I probably wieghed more than him and his friends combined, looked him and his gang straight in the eyes and said “Oh really” . He shit a brick mentally, and visibly backed off the ‘kick your ass’ stance, took a moment of pause, and walked away.

About five minutes later he came up to apoligize, and gave me a shot of tequila. A couple minutes later it happened again. I figured out whatr was going on, that he was trying to get me drunk so they could kick my ass. But he underestimated the factor of me being a big fat drunkard. So after about 8 ‘friendly’ shots of tequila I politely said thank you and walked out the door, as he and his friends were about to drop.

Jesus fucking Christ I just want to find a hang out, drink some beer and play some pool. But for as much of a pathetic boring loser as I am, I just can’t have the boring uneventful life I crave.

P.S. I was trying to get this off my chest and post it before the maintenance period so I don’t have time to proofread.

My life is so boring.

Well, sounds like it’s not much of a place to hang out, then. Suggest you keep looking.

I don’t know; call me cynical but I don’t know where the shock is in the discovery that cheesy neighborhood bars tend to be full of drunken idiots.

I know, I never get into any fights either! I need to hang out at seedier bars or something…

Poor wolfman. Move to Hawaii, I need a solid drinking buddy. :smiley:

Seriously. How about organizing cookouts at your house instead? You can have who you want over, and drink as much as you want. :slight_smile:


Well, don’t feel bad. Some evil queen felt the need to get in my face on Friday. Me!