well, fuck you too PMS (probably TMI, but pretty damn mild for this place)

Okay, I’ve always had this to some extent, but this month it’s just fucking insane. I am bloated all to hell. The only pants I can wear at the moment without getting waistband prints in my stomach are the ones that slide way the hell down my ass. Or at least they usually do. Today I am the size of a pregnant hippo. Mood swings are fun too. Okay, so I want to beat the people I live with over the head with sticks on occasion anyway, but I’m snapping at everyone now. And I fucking hate doing that. I try to reserve my snapping for people who piss me off, not for people who have gone to the trouble of being nice. Yeah, I’m going to encourage people to be pleasant to me by going all exorcist on them when they do. I terrified my sister, who I haven’t seen for more than 2 days since December and miss dearly, by tweaking out on her when she asked me to help her install Diablo. Yeah, she was being impatient, but I don’t normally act like that! I want to be in control of my actions, you fucking hormonal surges! And while we’re at it, stop making me want to eat large hunks of chocolate. With salt on them or something. I don’t need big hunks of chocolate, you’ve already made me fat enough. Fucking reproductive system.

What about the zits? You haven’t mentioned the damn zits.

Ah.I haven’t expierenced hormonal rages like that since I got off the Pill.While I was on said Pill,I had two emotions: Extremely upset and weepy or extremely pissed off. CG was very patient and after the prescip ran out after three months,I never went back on it.
Hope you feel better soon.


CRAMPS, can’t sleep, headache, have to “double up”…

Chocolate?!!! Where? Where? Snag Chomp-mmf-chomp

I’ll just be over here in the corner looking malignent, and applying acne treatments to my chin.

The cramps and heavy flow don’t start for another couple of days. you can tell I’m looking forward to it, right? And I can never sleep, but that’s for another rant. ;p

fuck, i’m already 100mg into the Imitrex to deal with my lovely symptom of PMS, migraines.


Anyone else get the “creepy creature feature” dreams, too?

I get bloated, bitchy, constipated, AND I can’t fucking sleep for all the weird things chasing me through apolcalytic dreamlands so I’m fucking exhausted, too!

Fortunately, I don’t get this every month. Just every 3rd for 4th.

Wait - that wasn’t quite accurate.

Sometimes I get the “let’s relive THIS trauma” filmstrips instead.

Yes, some months my PMS will be rummaging through the old memories looking for nasties. Like:

“Remember that time the airplane you were in caught fire? Let’s reply that in full, living sense-o-round replay!”

I’d deal with all of it–gaining five pounds for a week, mood swings, crying over long-distance commercials, zits, intense breast soreness and general ickiness–if it weren’t for the fucking CRAMPS.

God, it’s like I’m about to give birth to something! What is that? What is in there? Is this an Aliens outtake and no one told me I’m the star? Why does the heating pad only work about once every four months? Why can’t someone just knock me out on intravenous drugs for two days until this shit goes away?

Geez! I can only do the fetal-position-on-the-floor for a few hours, people! MAKE IT GO AWAY!

Being a girl sucks.

Well, I’m having one of those “I-ran two-packets-together-and-now-have-to-deal-with-the-consequences” type things.

Burst into tears on Friday night when I was out with my friends, no real reason, just feeling blah. I’ve had phone-calls all day and people turning up on my doorstep to see if I’m ok (which is nice, but I just want bed and chocolate).

Bed and chocolate, however, are not viable options, so I have been taking Neurofen plus (I love codeine) and keeping busy.

*2 loads of laundry to the laundrette and back
*Cleaned and waxed the kitchen and hall floors
*Put all my CDs in a storage case and wrote out playlists for
each one
*Spent 3 hours doing data entry for a project
*SDMB is my friend.

Now I’m tired enough to just sleep without the nightmares being an issue.

Roll on Tuesday and the start of the new packet!

Wow, do I feel glad! Not only do I have only about 3 days of actual bleeding every 32 days or so, but I don’t get emotional (if anything, I get happier for no reason whatsoever other than my body is contrary), cramps that can be relieved by Advil on only one day, no cravings, no bloating. I sure am glad I took after my mum on all this - we both even started all this a few years late, and she ended several years before the average, too.


Can I get one of you gals to make me a sandwich? [:D]

Hey! Get out of my body!

I just finished a lovely five day course of PMS in which I cried a lot, ignored my boyfriend, ate a bunch of Dove dark chocolate eggs, and generally felt sorry for myself. Now that I’m two days into my cycle, I feel much better. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who can go into a deep depression with PMS - I was nearly suicidal at one point last year - and having been suicidal without PMS, I was wondering what the hell was wrong with me that my hormones could do that to me.

IDBB , the Pill actually controls some of my hormonal PMS - I still cry and get weepy and emotional, but it is NOTHING like when I’m off the Pill - it only lasts five days with the Pill as compared to two weeks without the Pill.

I can’t wait to get pregnant so that I can avoid PMS for nine months.


The pill has made my PMS worse, but it makes the cramps just bad, instead of unbearable, the flow heavy, instead of gushing, and it keeps my cycle regular. Used to be that there was an 8 or so day window that it would probably start at some point in there, and would get over when it was done. Now it’s a two day window, and it lasts 5 or 6 days. So it’s got ups and downs, but I think I’d rather deal with being moody than in constant pain and that nasty drooling feeling that comes from flows that heavy. Now I’ve made it a little more TMI too ~_^

Soy and red clover really made a difference for me. Now I just get bitchy (instead of homicidal). Hub thinks that is a good thing.

When I’m on the pill I get migraines during my periods. Otherwise I don’t. So the next time I’m ON it, I’m going to go three months between periods. I HATE migraines. (Yes, I’ve gotten medical permission to do that.)

I’m really going to enjoy not having to deal with periods.

You know whiterabbit. it never occured to me before, but I get hormonal migraines, and I didn’t used to - until I started taking the Pill, and then stopped it. I’ve been off for almost twelve years now, but now I wonder if I threw my body chemistry out of whack somewhere down the line? Hmm…

Anyhow, remember the Pit thread last week about turning the clocks back, and I said it always throws my menstrual cycle off for some reason? Today, with no warning whatsoever and 8 days ahead of schedule!! This is not happy-making, as I was planning on a Big Night, if ya know what I mean :frowning:

Mine started a few days ago. Along with a head cold. I sent my friend Euty an email demanding pity, or else I’d rip out his spleen and feed it to him. I have a feeling that he was reeeeeeeeeal happy to be living a thousand miles away right then. :eek:

The beauty of PMS for me is in the not knowing what’s going to happen with each passing month. Every month I get different symptoms. I recognize them as PMS, of course, but I always wonder what each month will bring.

Last month, it was cramps so bad I could cry, and hating pretty much everyone, except when my sex drive suddenly decided to zoom through the roof. Oh, and everyone around me lost weight, because I ate all of their food.
This month, it was extreme bloating, but very little cramping. No real desire for food this time, either. I’m desperately needy, too. Oh, and the zit thing.
What’s with the zits, anyway? Good Christ, I’m almost 36 years old! I DO NOT NEED ZITS ANYMORE! I can deal with the rest, but the zits REALLY piss me off. :mad:

I know when I start PMS, even without the calender, because my hormones RAGE and I just turn into a total psychotic shrew. I scream, I cry, I throw tantrems, even the smallest thing sets me off.

It’s horrible.

For the benefit of us men, are most of the symptoms cited in this thread typical, or are they the worst-case scenarios?

And do you ladies have any advice for what men should know in order to be considerate of the women in our lives during that time of month?