well gee golly whillickers

I felt my thread was entirely appropriate for the pit since it would elicit pittish comments and be something fun and hateful (on the behalf of those who may have participated) in light of the subject matter taking people’s minds off the normal and apparently acceptable hatreds, intolerances and spite expressed in other threads towards real life issues. Nor was it trolling, intentional or otherwise, but I’m sure most will gather together and decide otherwise in their superior wisdom.
Fuck you and eat a bowl of dick. Is that pittish enough? HAND

And before any more panties get in a bunch, including my own, I was using the royal you like when I wrote “You can’t stop these arms from hugging you”. Any assumptions at those comments being directed at someone come from someone’s misplaced victim complex.
See you later!!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :frowning: :wally



Random silliness in the Pit makes the mods unhappy. Especially Lynn.

And the shriveled grape came forth with a rant, and behold, it opened with a mighty long sentence with accurately spelled words in purple, and ending with an obscure anatomical reference.

And the Doper looked for a link, so that he may examine the cause of this vexation. And the Doper found none, and considered briefly the merits of using the “search” function.

And the Doper considered the effect of summoning hordes of threads containing words in purple, and the mind recoiled.

So the Doper cries out to the shriveled grape, “O speaker of rants, please provide a link, so that my life on these hamster-powered boards may be more efficient.”


And the Doper cursed those who posted the link while he was composing his response to the OP.

But it was a gentle curse, done in friendly jest.

Nay, for the shriveled grape is a shriveled grape on toast, and with its handicap it cannot open up a speech for you, O possibly purple and hairy one.*


*I think the guy mentioned in his username is purple and hairy. Unless its something different.

Yea, but I feel the pain of the toast, for it has the burden of this miserable morsel that is politely referred to as a shrivel grape.


My namesake is not purple, but rather green-skinned with ebony hair, according to the words of Michael Ende.

But he does enjoy hunting purple buffalo.


He had grape expectations.


I just wanted to say: Atreyu, that was brilliant. Thanks.

Yet again, we see proof that Herr raisinbread is a moron.

Someone doesn’t value those posting privleges very highly.


I am currently discussing some matters with raisinbread via e-mail privately so I ask posters to stop posting to this thread until our e-mail conversation is done. Thank you.