Well, guess I’m gonna retire now...

So even though it’s my day off, I logged on to my work computer at 2:30am, and there it was: my VLO, an invitation to take a Voluntary LayOff from the big airplane company. I’ve been saying I’ll retire for a year or so now, but there was always a reason, usually insurance, to put it off. It’s pretty sweet - a bonus of a weeks salary for every year employed, so the company doesn’t have to do Involuntary LayOffs. I’m supposed to apply for unemployment, although I’m conflicted about that. I have a lot of homework, I guess. It’s weird - I’ve been avoiding this transition for years, but I guess push has come to shove. Being quarantined since 3/6 has been a preview to not going to work, although I still go to work at my same hours, so I guess I’ve been babystepping my way into this, but I’m still scared.

Scared because I think I’ll be dead in six months.

You’ll be irritating people for years!

Be cool.
A new career could be the answer.
Break with the past.

Come… Join us… It’ll be fine. :cool:

I retired about 9 months ago, it’s been great – not nearly as scary as I thought.

Welcome to the land without alarm clocks!

Oh sweet - please tell me more - I’m so Scared!

I was non-voluntarily laid off from the Big Airplane Company in the fall of 2010. I’d been there for 44 years and had planned to retire in the Spring of 2011 anyway.

I’d started with the Slightly Smaller Military Airplane Company in 1966, which was eventually bought by the Big Company.

I got my 26 weeks of pay, 5 months of insurance, and sold back a lot of unused vacation and sick leave. So all in all I’d say it turned out well for my wife and myself.

This Friday past I ran into someone I used to work with and she’d mentioned a VLO, so I’m guessing she’s going through the same thought processes you are.

I hope it works out as well for you as it did for me.

What specifically are you scared of? Is it the lack of anything you have to do? Fear of being alone and lonely?

Took early retirement at 58 to be full time caretaker for my wife with ALS. Living on my sadly reduced pension, now the housekeeper/cook/ home school teacher/driver/general handyman/problem solver for family of disabled wife and two preteen boys. Don’t miss work because I haven’t time to think about it. Do not regret anything but wish there were better alternatives.

I’m scared of not having a job to get up for every day. I’m scared of just watching tv until I don’t wake up anymore. But I’m tired of being alive. Wow, I’m pretty fucked up

Retirement is great - when you’re ready. I wasn’t the first time around, so I worked on and off at temp jobs and part time jobs over the course of 8 years. Last December, I was finally ready, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be going back this time.

Granted, I have a granddaughter to occupy a lot of my time, but I’ve also been able to do things that I hadn’t done in ages - like futz in the yard, do more cooking, and read for pleasure. So for me, it wasn’t right at 57, but now I’m 66, and it’s exactly right.

A lot depends on your age, your financial situation, and a host of other things, but my experience is that if you are over 55 or so, if they don’t get enough voluntary layoffs to satisfy their goals, their next step is early retirement. IME, this is a much better deal, as you generally will get all the severance as you would with a voluntary layoff, but with some added benefits. Like, covering your cost for health insurance until Medicare kicks in. Maybe a boost to your retirement plan. It all depends, but in general, the early-retirement is the way to go, provided your financial situation will support it.

If this is true then you should be jumping at the chance to stop working. If I felt I had six months to live I’d be traveling, seeing old friends, eating whatever I want, and spending money like there’s no tomorrow. Which of course there won’t be in six months.

As upthread posts indicate, many of us are retired and pretty much enjoy it. But it isn’t for everyone. My best friend retires in June and is dreading being home all the time. That’s beyond my comprehension.

I was seriously considering accepting the VLO but I didn’t get an invite to join the festivities. I originally planned to retire from Boeing this August. With the 26 weeks of pay I could have pushed my retirement to the end of year. My wife and I have a couple trips planned for later this year, we are going to Yellowstone and the Utah national parks in September and spending Christmas in New Zealand. The NZ trip was cancelled due to a 14 day quarantine for new arrivals and no one is sure when of if that will end. Our Yellowstone trip is still on for now. And my my retirement is probably going to be pushed out till next year.

One big advantage is that when people ask you what you do, you don’t have to scuff your toe in the dirt and say, “I’m unemployed,” or, “I’ve been laid off.”

You get to smile knowingly (while looking amazingly well-rested) and say, “I’m retired.”

When Mr.Wrekker retired he became very busy all of a sudden. There just isn’t time enough in the day to manage his vast array of hobbies and trivial pursuits.
This pandemic has really hobbled him. He’s miserable.
I’ve been basically retired my whole life. I have no trouble being a lazy ass.

Moral: line your hobbies up. Get a good reading program going. Find volunteer work after the pandemic subsides.
Get a new pet, if that’s your thing.

And don’t die in 6 months. That’s not nice. We like you around here. :slight_smile:

Nah. You’ll just wish you were. :smiley:

I can’t wait to retire. I would do it today. Technically I could do it today but I wouldn’t get the pension benefit of my last promotion. Fingers crossed for February 1st. The only thing that scares me is not being able to bolster my income with overtime.

In January of this year I resigned effective May 1st. I will retire in four days into a world no one could have imagined when I took that step. I’m ready.

Self-employed all my life, retired at 54 because I had to (health issue), was beginning to burn out after 32 years in my career, and we could afford to. It’s been 15 years of Saturdays ever since. Retirement is vastly underrated.

I love you guys so much!

I retired a month shy of my 63rd birthday on 31/12/99. There were several incentives: 3/4 of my pay for the 25 months till I hit 65, full payment into my retirement fund and what has turned out to be the biggest bonus of all: my retiredment funds put into an annuity at an absolutely crazy rate of 8.75%, which would drop significantly for anyone who retired on or after 01/01/00. As a result I have already collected about 1 3/4 times the money in my retirement account. And if my wife survives me, she will get 60% of my pension for her life.

And what have I done since then? The main thing I did before, mathematical research with 27 published papers since then.