Well, heck. The power's gone out.

It’s a little blustery out. I assume a tree fell into a power line or something.

Two years ago Old Man Winter was especially crotchety. I was in L.A. at the time, but a friend was staying at the house. I bought a Honda generator over the phone and he went to pick it up about fifteen miles away. Only wound up in a ditch once. I think he said he only had to use it one day. So now I’m using the generator for the first time. A little noisier than I thought it would be, but at least I have Internet. :cool:

Yeah. I was actually looking at a generator yesterday, just because. Ddin’t buy it mainly because I don’t have a place to stash it. But once we get into a house, that’s gonna be an early purchase.

Stay warm.

Oh, yes, it’s been a day to stay inside the house, safe and cosy, and drink tea, listen to music and putter about. It’s on the blustery side here, too, and the power’s dimmed and flickered, but remains on–so far.

It sure looks like autumn now, with all the leaves and needles (from trees, not junkies:) ) littering the yard.

I wonder what kind of winter it will be. I hope your power is back soon!

No worries, there. It’s only going to get down to about 49º tonight. Actually, the Coleman lantern I’m using now is making it a little toasty. (The back door is open a little for the power cord, in case you’re concerned about CO.)

You’re… what? 40 miles away? :smiley: (Wouldn’t want to swim it though! :wink: )

I heard on NPR last week that La Niña isn’t happening this year, so there’s a good chance this winter will be milder than last. I really got tired of the SoCal heat, so I like it a lot up here. It gets a little tiresome around February though.

ETA: I had a bit of a walk down in Bellingham this morning, and it was a good day to be outside. The sun was shining, the clouds were beautiful, and the breeze was nice. I should take up your suggestion and put on a pot of tea. :slight_smile:

I had to go to the store for some milk. When I got back I got out the Svea 123 that’s not ‘in the collection’. Put the kettle on. It’s a small stove and a big kettle, so it hasn’t boiled yet.

And the lights have just come back on.

ooohhhh!!! I LOVE when the power goes out!! (for short periods of time, obviously). It’s so peaceful, and eerie, and still.

I was home visiting from university when the power went out once, so naturally, my mom and I made ourselves a drink. Then, my three best friends (who, incidentally, all grew up on the same street as me) stopped by, and my mom told them all to help themselves and make a drink. Naturally, we’d all been stealing their alcohol since we were 16. My friend Nicole turned to my mom and asked her where the liquor cabinet was. A long pause followed, then everyone burst into laughter. It was probably the most ridiculous lie that she ever attempted.