Well hey, another blackout!

Some time ago I spoke of my disturbing discovery that I was eating and doing housework in my sleep. I had not to the best of my knowledge had a recurrence of this.

Until last night.

My friend left a message on my machine Thursday about getting together today for lunch or dinner. I called her at around 11 AM and said I was returning her call. She wondered what call. I reminded her that she had left me a message. She informed me that I had called her Thursday night at around 10 PM and we had made arrangements to get together at 11:30. I brought some grapes over for lunch and she told me that I had said I was bringing them.

Not one iota of memory of this do I have.

Oh, and waking up? I was in my recliner. There was part of a Yahoo messenger thread on my computer discussing the hotness of an online friend’s body. Not a jot of memory of this conversation do I have. I saw him online a little bit ago. Apparently we had some sort of webcam sex session, then I passed out in the chair with the webcam still on. Fortunately he was the only one who could see my cam, and he watched me for a while to make sure I was OK.

I’m, frankly, terrified.

Otto, get to a doctor and get sleep study completed.

That is scary.

You need to do more than a sleep study. Call the hospital and see what they think should be checked for now. Call now. Don’t put it off.