This totally & completely has me freaked out!

I stayed up wayyyy too late last night and seeing today is Saturday I slept in.
My wife got up at 7am and left at about 8. She had some friends to go see then her and our daughter were going down to IKEA. I glanced at the clock. It read 8:05 though I have it set ahead. I mumbles a good bye then drifted back to sleep.

Later I heard my wife coming back into the house. I didn’t know she was stopping back at home before heading down to the flat lands. I glanced my eyes at the clock. It was 9:15. I dozed back off. This was more difficult this time as she ran the vacuum cleaner in the kitchen.

Then she came into our bedroom. I heard her open the door. She lay back down on the bed. I felt the bed move from it. I was in a light sleep. I could smell the cucumber & melon lotion she had on. She spooned me putting her head on the back of my shoulder and wrapping her arms around me. I started to slip back into a deeper sleep but she was squeezing me around my stomach a little too hard so I jerked around a bit. I started to drift back into a deeper sleep. Then I felt her get up and begin to leave the room. I mumbled “could you get me some water before you leave again”. I don’t recall any reply. I fell back to sleep. I didn’t hear her bringing in any water and I didn’t drink any either.

At 11am I awoke from a deep sleep. I got up and proceeded to enjoy my day off.

At 3:10pm my wife called me from her cell. She was in just coming out of IKEA and wanted me to know they were going to eat dinner down there so she wouldn’t be cooking tonight (a rarity). I asked her why she came back home this morning.
Now, what do you think I’m about to tell you?

“I didn’t come back home this morning” she said.
You didn’t come home, vacuum the kitchen floor, lay back down with me for a while, then leave again?


I just checked the video from our security cameras on the front and back of the house. Sure enough. After she left at time stamped 7:52am nobody arrived nor departed the house.

My wife & I live here alone. All of our kids are on their own and some house guests we had left yesterday. The dog & cats were locked out of the bedroom!

I did not take any sedatives or other drugs before bed and I wasn’t drunk.

I’ve had some vivid dreams in my life, but nothing like this. I clearly heard someone coming in the front door, I clearly heard the distinct sound of the vaccum cleaner, I felt the bed move and I clearly felt my wife rest her head on me and put her arm around me. I clearly smelled the lotion she had on. I clearly felt her squeeze me too hard. And I clearly remember looking at the clock. The numbers were normal (try reading something in a dream. It can’t be done).

But the creepiest thing is there is a glass of water on the nightstand on my side of the bed! I didn’t put it there last night, my wife said she didn’t get it for me, and I didn’t get up and get it! The glass is from a set we don’t use, and is kept way in the back on the upper side of the cupboard.


Maybe you were sleepwalking and got the water yourself?

I read things in dreams, so that old myth can be laid to rest. (In fact, one of my favorite dreams is when I dream a favorite book and read it. I mean, how can you beat that - reading and sleeping, my two favorite hobbies, both at once! I just wish I could order that dream up at will.)

I bet you were sleepwalking as well. Maybe you were sleep vacuuming. Heck, maybe you even put on (or at least opened) some of her lotion, as well! :eek:

But yeah, way freaky!

Whatever happened, one possible interpretation is that part of you strongly desires to spend more quality snuggle time with the wife. That’s Crazy Doctor Auto’s opinion anyway.

What is still puzzling me and even gave me the minor heeby-jeebies even overr the internets is the water part. You say you checked security and that it couldn’t have been you, but it wasn’t anyone else either? So, discounting any strange ghosties, that would leave the only logical explanation to be that your wife is pulling a prank on you.

I never sleep walk. The big zinger is where this glass is from. We never use these. It’s way up on the top shelf of the cupboard and then all the way in the back on that shelf.

As tall as I am I still would need to go into the utility closet and get a folding stool to stand on in order to reach up and back to retrieve that glass.

If it weren’t for the glass I could accept that the rest was all a very, very vivid dream.

sounds like a simple hypnogognic dream (REM state Dreaming) coupled with a bit of sleep walking… You know whats really nice… your dream "snuggler/water bearer was your wife and not … oh… say Pamela Anderson… it means you really, really love her…

Regards FML

Another vote for sleep walking.

Either that or you have a friendly ghost living with you.

Do you have carpet? Look for fresh vaccum lines in the carpeting. If there are lines then it proves that you either sleep walked or you got a strange little visitor.

Jesus, dude! Where do you live? :confused:

You have security cameras on the front and back of your house? I’ll echo Gatopescado.

Speaking as a person from a family of thieves, a house with cameras is less likely to be hit than one without them. Most crooks I’m related to won’t even stop near a house that has cameras. Not worth the risk they say.

Everyone once in awhile, when I’m drifting off but not quite asleep, I’ll doze-dream(?) that I’m reading a book and writing new passages as I’m reading it. Of course, once I realize what I’m doing I stop, but it’s kind of neat while it’s happening.

West Allis. I do work as a security consultant so I get equipment wholesale. I have a camera for the outside front of the house and another on the back. They’re wireless and easy to use and set up.
Have then on a digital recorder. They cost me almost nothing so I might as well use them. Listen, before you give me odd questions about being paranoid and having camers, about 3 months ago I was able to show who/how my neighbors car got vandalized! The insurance of the parents of the kid who did it coughed up $1800 for repairs! Had they not had my video it never would have been solved.

Back to the sleep walking: I’ve never done it. But if I had this morning using the vacuum cleaner & getting that glass would have been very, very difficult.

The folding stool I would have needed was in a utility closet. There is a latch on the closet door and a buzzer on the inside door knob. The reason for the latch/buzzer is because we sometimes have our nieces/nephews over (very small children) and there are cleaning supplies in that closet.

The stool has not been moved from it’s position.

The vacumm cleaner is down in the basement in the furnace room. There is also a latch for that door. My wife put the V.C. in there to make room in the guest room closet for our guests we had last week.

It would have been very difficult for me to get these things and remain awake. There is no indication that anyone used that stool or vacumm today.

The other glasses that sit around the mystery glass also would have to have been moved around to get to that glass. They don’t appear to have been disturbed. There is merely an empty spot where that glass should be!

Everything else could have been a vivid dream. But the glass just freaks me out!

I occasionally write novels or compose symphonies in that half-asleep place. They always make sense at the time, but I rather suspect that they’re actually just gibberish/cacophony.

Either A) Something supernatural occurred or B) You’re wrong about the glass.

Q: Could you tell your wife you’ve been dreaming about her again & you really, really miss her…?

Life gives you lemons, you trade them for sex…

The thing about not being able to read in your dreams isn’t that we can’t read at all, but not very much. It’s considered normal to read up to a sentence or so - clock numbers fall well within that range. The problem is that when you try to read in dreams you can’t reread and a lot of what you “read” is giberish. Some people discuss that here. A few nights ago I was in Snape’s class and had a hell of a time copying things off the board because the words kept changing.

I’ve had the type of dream you’re talking about, though. One day while taking a nap in my dorm room, I woke up when someone opened my door and came in the room. I pretended to be asleep while they roamed around, and eventually they left and I fell asleep again. Everyone I asked (a few friends knew my door’s combination) swore it hadn’t been them in the room, so I finally concluded it had been a weirdly vivid dream.

As for the glass, I wouldn’t rule out sleepwalking. Some people manage to drive while sleeping, and my mom woke up out in the backyard, in the rain, once so I wouldn’t put retrieving a glass in the impossible catogory. Or maybe one of your house guests used the glass, left it somewhere and one of you absent-mindly put in in your room while tidying up after they left.


Have you recently started a new prescription, that may be causing sleepwalking or the like? ETA: On pondering Elfkin477’s post, or maybe your wife got a drink and left the glass there before leaving?

I had a nightmare the other day where I got my book* back from the editor with edits already done, and those bastards had completely changed the book. Ruined it. Changed point-of-view, and even changed the caliber of gun my character uses. I could read the words on the page as clear as I can read this screen.
*Not only has my book not even sold yet, but I would never sign a contract that would allow significant changes made without my approval.