Well, I tracked black mold all over my apartment.

So, guess who stepped on black mold and tracked it all over the apartment and carpet, etc. And from there, onto blankets, floors, clothes, etc.

Yup, me.

I’m not even sure what to do now, for all practical purposes it’s everywhere.

This being the Dope, you do realize that the only possible answer involves nukes, and being in orbit, right?

What was the source of the mold? Was it in your apartment to begin with, or did you track it in from outside?

Dump bleach on it.

Just clean it up and keep the place dry.

I’m kind of curious how you didn’t notice it before it got everywhere.

That’s the thing; it’s in too many places to clean now.

I noticed, but in the course of going to the kitchen to get cleaning supplies, unavoidably ended up tracking it over a dozen new places.

You trod all over blankets and clothes?:confused:

Only when masturbating!
Velocity, here’s what you do: Despite appearances, clean everything.

Besides, does black mold really track all over everything like it’s mayonnaise? How much of this stuff could you have possibly gotten on you?

It won’t hurt you, unless you have a severe allergy to it, which could cause the usual symptoms. Vacuum well and clean as best you can.

<Doctor Hibbert> FIRE! And lots of it! <Doctor Hibbert>

I had thought it was a lot worse than that. Is this website raising the black-mold alarm a bit too much?


If you noticed you stepped in it, why didn’t you take off your shoes first?

I didn’t have shoes on.

Relax, dude. There are many kinds of black molds that aren’t Black Mold.

The big scary Black Mold of Doooooom is Stachybotrys chartarum (atra). But it’s not a common household mold and its presence isn’t automatically Certain Death, anyway.


From the link:

Didn’t you notice that you stepped in something when you stepped in it?

I did, but, again, in the course of fetching cleaning supplies to clean the mold off, unavoidably tracked it over many other places. I had to walk somewhere.

Still not sure how BLANKETS (plural?) got involved in the whole tracking/cleanup debacle but they, like the clothes, can be tossed into a washing machine set on Hot. Add bleach if you’re really worried and the fabric can tolerate it. (Or if you don’t care about bleach stains.)

Since the website has no claim to science or research and just baldly states “facts” while repeatedly using the modifier “toxic”, I’d say yes, it’s too much. It reads like a list a lawyer would come up with. I knew mold experts who would actually taste the stuff to see what it was. Like I said, if you have a mold allergy, which are quite common, you’ll have the usual allergy symptoms from exposure.