Well, I *would* have pursued a relationship with her, but....

[deep manly voice]
“I would have gone out for a second date with her, but her hair had this little flippy thing on the side that just wouldn’t lay down, so obviously I couldn’t picture her giving birth to my future children.”

“She was cute, but right in the corner of her eye she had two eyelashes that were all stuck together with mascara, so I was totally creeped out.”

“I liked her outfit, but those shoes totally clashed with her handbag.”

And other things that women obsess about that most men would not even notice…

Mrs. R and the little Rs devote large amounts of time to working on things that I never notice at all. It’s the culture; women are trained to think that they’re unacceptably ugly, so cosmetics companies can sell 'em stuff.

Male checking in to say, I notice.

I think the OP is soliciting responses as to “what was the slightest reason you ever had for not proposing a second date?” or something.


Or not. Ignore my previous.


Actually, I was soliciting other examples of extreme perfectionism that women put themselves through that realistically are not going to be a deal-breaker on any date.

But good to see that idea was lost on everyone :wink:


Male checking in.

I don’t notice.

Reminds me of that underwear-coordination thread we had a couple weeks ago… most women were all “Of course!” and the guys were more “huh?”

Male checking in.
Duhhhh. Huh? What?

Another male checking in. Don’t notice.

I will notice, however, that we’re constantly late getting somewhere because she had to spend another 10 minutes redoing her hair, or changing out of a perfectly good outfit. Don’t care what you have to do, but after 20-some years of living, you should know how long it takes.

I will also notice matching underwear, though, because it’s often a sign that someone is expected to see and appreciate said match, which means that it shall be a good night indeed.

Well, I would have pursued a relationship with her, but…

…when I gave her flowers and invited her to a play, she asked if she could bring a date.

I don’t know who is in a position to answer that question. I mean, I’d tell you what things I don’t notice, except that I don’t notice them.

That cinched in waist that you get when your pantyhose are a bit tight, you know, with your flab bulging out of the top? The bulge that is ever so slightly noticeable under your clothes if you stand in a certain way? Deal breaker.

I don’t think women go to all that trouble for men. Or at least, just for men.

They do it for their own confidence, which men do notice, whether the source is obvious or not, and they also do it for other women.

I actually heard this somewhere, maybe in a movie or something:

“Girl, he is *so * not going to break up with you just because your ponytail is lumpy.”

Made me laugh.

Another male here. Maybe notice, maybe not. Most guys, if they noticed, woudn’t care. Heck, something like the hair flippy a lot of guys might find cute and endearing. I probably would.

More in line w/ the OP (things I’ve seen women worry about)…

“Yeah, she’s hot and all but I think she might have gained 2 pounds in the last 2 months. Maybe even 3 pounds!”

“She’s really fun to be with, she has a beautiful face and an incredible body, and we have a ton in common. But her eyelashes are just way too short. There’s no future there.”

The trying on of 3 shades of lipstick, that to the untrained eye, all appear to be EXACTLY the same colour as my natural lip colour…and then going with a clear gloss.

Going out and buying a “date” outfit, including underwear that I had no intention of letting him see, just because all the 50bazillion outfits in my wardrobe made me feel ugly.

Crying because I culdn’t find the diffuser for my hairdryer, even though I had 20 other styling tools to hand.

Yes, I got a little OTT perfectionist when I first strated going out with irishfella. 4 years later I’m less insane.


Yes, it is true that if the lady shows up in a dress of shimmering chiffon that swirls invitingly with her every step, a good sturdy pair of mountain boots, complete with crampons, will probably not add to the guy’s fantasies (unless the guy is one of those), but the vast majority of guys have no clue as to why the low cut shoes with the 1/4 inch strap so low they look like the backs of the shoes destroy the effect of the outfit while the pumps make it perfect.

The idea that one needs to go out and buy a pair of shoes nearly identical to the ones in the closet to go with this dress makes no sense (to 99.9% of guys) at all.

I’m sooo glad the point hasn’t been lost on everybody.

Anaamika, that quote most summarizes my OP. Thanks!

That reminds me of a comment some stand up comedian did on Comedy Central a while ago, about how women said “Oh, believe me, I’m not like that! This was completely unexpected!”.

He said the best way to know if that statement was true was to look at the matching underwear. “Yea, if you take off her clothes and she has an $800 set of Victoria’s Secrets… well, she was planning, counting on something. On the other hand, if you take the clothes off and her green bra is held together by a safety pin… then yea, that was completely unexpected.”

Chick checking in:
I nearly laugh out loud when I see someone get on the bus with the hair and makeup perfect from the front and then the back still has the pillow print and they have the makeup/no makeup demarcation on the throat and in front of the ear. If I dated girls, and one showed up like that, I’d really have to think twice.