Well, I'm going back to school...

I’m 30. I graduated from High School 12 years ago, and haven’t set foot in a classroom since.

I work full time, and am helping to raise 3 kids.

Starting August 3rd, I will be taking English Comp, Circuit Weights (with a friend) and Astronomy. I have no clue what my major will be, so I’m starting at one of our local community college (Sac City College, for those keeping track).

I’m nervous, but excited.

My placement test said I have to take Algebra, which is going to be less than fun. I got 119 out of 120 on English Skills and Sentence Structure though, so that makes me feel good.

Why yes, I am nervous… thanks for asking!!

Congrats! Good for you! Have fun! Break a leg!

Excellent - A fully-formed fight against ignorance! Wonderful! Good luck to you, and here’s hoping you get nothin’ but "A"s in Algebra.

I fully commiserate - I’m 34 and I’ll be going back to school this fall myself. Nursing school, to be exact. While working darn near full time. :eek:

Actually, I’ve spent the last couple of years taking the pre-requisite courses, but that was only part time in addition to work, and though it was no day at the beach, it was do-able. Now that the honest-to-gosh nursing program is looming, I’m becoming increasingly nervous. Not about my ability to learn the material, but about pulling off two nearly full-time schedules without taking up a cocaine habit or having a breakdown.

I have a nurse friend who managed to work 32 hours per week while she was in school, but she says she wasn’t pleasant to be around.

Anyway, if you need moral support or someone to vent to, I’m your man. My email’s in my profile. Best of luck to you.

I’m in that boat too. I’m 27, two kids, full time job. I finished my first class yesterday (communicating in groups) and will be taking technical math I this fall. It is a freshman requirement so almost all of the other students in the class will be fresh out of high school. :0

Remember to keep your goal in your sights and keep working towards it.

Congrats to all of you! You are taking a huge step that you are sure to gain from. Wow, that sounded horribly cliche. Congrats though! :slight_smile:

Oh and as a general rule, please don’t share stories about your kids to the entire class- it drives us youngins crazy (I kid I kid, but I know there are many threads about this somewhere) :smiley:

I started last fall. I’m 38. Taking two classes, working full time and I have 2 kids at home. fortunately I have a very helpful husband and a very helpful mother. And I don’t find school too difficult.

Best of luck.