Well, I'm never gonna be able to face outdoors or tolerate or trust nature for awhile, maybe ever;

I feel really good today.
No bad things at dialysis

Good, good, good!

I wonder? Who was the bot-fly that put that idea of the “better” dialysis place in your ear???

Fuckin’ heated blankets and eggs-Mother-Fuckin-Benedict!

Trust nature? I absolutely trust nature — to try her hardest to kill me.

I mean, that is what she is there for. We are all food. I just try to duck around her and hope she does not notice me.

Also, you probably do not want to find yourself sitting in front of a TV show called The Monster Inside Me. That one will peg your squick meter, every single time.

Yeah, well. Does that make you Mr. Nice guy?


I’ve seen that show. For about 11 minutes. One time.

Ha! 2, 3, 4 Hot Cha!

I always object when someone tries to misrepresent me that way. I mean, I was at a restaurant the other day (way other month), went to relieve myself, was confronted with “Gentlemen” and “Ladies” and said “Well where the hell am I supposed to go?