Well, I'm never gonna be able to face outdoors or tolerate or trust nature for awhile, maybe ever;

This is bad, bad, bad.

My friend had to have an outpatient surgery, the day after Christmas.

She spent Thanksgiving on a Florida key.
Early December she had an itchy bump on her butt. It got red and angry. The doctor gave her antibiotics and some cream.
It got worse.
Doc referred her to a dermatologist clinic.

They decided it needed to be lanced.

Dec. 26 comes and they deadened her butt.

And cut. It wasn’t an infection. Well, kinda.

It was a bot fly.

I’ve lived rurally many years. Somehow I’ve never heard of this.

I don’t know if they are in South Arkansas. I don’t care. Imma have to move or order me up a bubble to live in.

If you are sensitive don’t Google it.
God, I wish I never did.:flushed:

Clearly, the bot fly is one more sign from the creator that people shouldn’t live in (or go to) Florida. :wink:

Oh my god.

The bot fly laid eggs in her butt. What they cut out was a larvae.
Could there be more?

I told her I didn’t need anymore info.

She thinks she’s funny. I’m gonna block her if she sends anymore of the gory details🤢.
I can’t wait to tell th lil’wrekker about this

Well this has been educational.

I know, right?

Yep. I had to look it up.

It may be a bot fly, but your friend should call it a butt fly.

Why don’t I listen to warnings like this? I guess I’m insensitive.

Having spent 18-ish years living in the Sunshine State, I approve this message!

As for Bot flies - I’ve seen them on Dr. Pol, but since he’s a vet, it’s involved dogs and cats, not human butts. Still, ick.

You should be relieved to know they are not endemic to any part of the US, even that appendage known as Florida…(but yeah, eeeeww!)…

They may not be endemic in Florida now, but with climate change they also may be migrating north.

I’ll really worry if they get found in Maine.

Thx @FairlyChatMom,:blush:
So I googled bot fly in pets.

There’s this thing called ‘Wolf worm’
Oh my freakin’ god!!
What is wrong with me I can’t stop googling this stuff? Someone stop me.
I can’t unthink it.

I cannot unsee it.


I have a small swelling on the side of my neck.
Yep. Someone call the ambulance.

I’m in need of urgent care, urgently.

Whatever you do, DO NOT look up screw-worms.

Why? Just why?

Hmmm? Just thinkin’

Wonder if they make double
walled ‘living in’ bubbles?

And a lifetime supply of fly spray?

Yep that’s my new quest.

(Oh, yeah google Warbles)

No, it didn’t. The botflies catch mosquitoes and lay their eggs on them before releasing them. The mosquito then bites a person and transfers the egg over.

All semantics. She had larvae in her butt. Who cares how?

Can humans take ivemectine? And live? That’s the answer I want.

Those are also bot fly larvae. In the southern US when a wild animal gets them, they’re called “wolves”. My father talks about finding them on squirrels when he was younger. He is insistent that squirrels should only be hunted for meat after the first frost of the year, so that the “wolves” will have dropped off.

If I recall correctly, in old England, there was a time when some physicians had a theory that cancer was actually caused by a tiny ravenous wolf inside the body. So tumors and swellings became called “wolves.” Many old medical texts have this usage.

I’ve never trusted nature since the summer of 1977. I was nearing the end of my stint in the Army and we had to go on a trip into the temperate rain forest of the Pacific northwest. My tentmate and I, the only women in the group, almost pitched our tent on what turned out to be an enormous anthill. I don’t know what kind of ants they were but those nasty suckers were HUGE! Still makes me itch just thinking about it.