The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World

Because I was coerced into reading this foul article, and because misery loves company, I came here to share it with you all.

Behold: The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World


I’m off to buy 8000 yards of mosquito netting, 15 gallons of Raid, and a big wooden mallet. Oh, and earplugs. Definitely earplugs.

Why worry? They’ve all been around your entire life.

And the threat of the Africanized bees has been greatly exaggerated – the naked aggression has been bred out of them, and there always have been some strains of bees that were aggressive than regular honeybees. They’re no more dangerous than land sharks.

I think the most horrifying bug is when you forget to add a “where” in an update or delete statement and end up deleting the whole database…

oh, **those **kind of bugs…


They didn’t mention the mites that live in our eyelashes.

Or that centipede that plucks bats off of cave walls. shudder

It’s pretty standard ooh-scary-bug stuff, but I enjoyed the writing. “Go stand next to a horse and think about what that means for you.”

RealityChuck, the way I avoid worrying is by not thinking too much about all the creepy crawlies. Now I’m thinking about them. :frowning:

I’m gonna have to cultivate an army of pet spiders to keep me safe.

My most horrfying one is the bug that spiders across the web to delete the entire Inte

Just what I came into the thread to check on.

Here are a few of them crowded into somebody’s eyelash follicle. We all have them, and they’re impossible to get rid of, IIRC.

Ooh, here’s a good facial portrait of one. I’m trying to remember who he reminds me of.

I just did that two days ago! Got in the “SQL groove” and hit F5 without thinking. Actually I **was **thinking, although it was more in the lines of “why is this simple update statement taking so long?”

i wanna see the bat-eating centipede!!

Wait! Do you have a link for this? I never heard of this. I think bats are wonderfully neat creatures - so obviously anything that predates on them is also wonderfully neat.

I must know more!

Giant bat eating centipede. You asked, remember that.

I hate bugs, but I guess I’ve seen this site enough times that it’s most moved from horrifying to sort of cool, in a horrifying way. (No criticism intended, beanpod, but this link gets posted once every couple of months.)

Except the botfly. The Japanese hornet is something straight out of a mad scientist’s lab in a summer action movie, though.

That is so cool!

rm -rf /


Dr. Wolfe from the botfly video makes me swoon.

That’s all.

looks at Japanese Giant Hornet

shits pants

reconsiders ever travelling to Japan. EVER.

Oh well. It was new to me. I don’t remember seeing it on here before, though. Odd. I tend to lurk around MPSIMS.

To me, he looks like the guy on the can of Pringles. Sort of. :dubious:

Edited because I can’t spell.

Wilford Brimley

Didn’t we have a thread on this exact topic just a few months ago?