Well, I'm off to have teeth pulled.

I’m a horrible dentist-phobe with extremely sensitive teeth. They’re going to try to drug me all they can, and I’ve got Ministry “Twitch” loaded onto my nano. Seemed an appropriate theme.

I’m sure it will be horrible anyway. And I’m going to have three more appointments.

I have a paper due like, yesterday but haven’t worked on it with all the pain I’ve been in the last week. Really have to try to write it today. Anyone wanna help? :smiley: I’m probably going to be a bit stoned when I get back.

Wish me luck.

I recently had my wisdom teeth out, and at the same time two other broken teeth were yanked out.

It wasn’t painful, I was completely numbed up and knocked out, but the aftermath was… somewhat uncomfortable for a couple of weeks. All very much more tolerable than it might have been a couple of decades ago, though.

In my experience, industrial music and dentistry don’t mix well. What you really need is some extremely wanky, pretentious prog-metal – something like Ayreon or Moonsorrow.

YMMV, of course. :wink: Good luck!

The music was fairly well distracting, but fortunately wasn’t needed long. The whole thing took maybe ten minutes and it was over.

Not I’m just in pain.

I had a tooth pulled a few weeks ago. It was then that it hit me, that there’s a reason why people say things are like pulling teeth. Pulling a tooth was like pulling teeth.

Even though I was novocained and gassed, I was aware of everything that happened. Wobble, wobble, yank, yank, rotate, yank, rotate, yank. Just the thought that a person was tugging on my teeth with big pliers was major squick.

Ugh. I told them Novocain alone wouldn’t do it. They never bothered gassing me. They gave me something called Triazolam which calms you down, zonks you a bit, and you don’t care what they’re doing to your mouth. I was basically aware of everything, but they worked fast and I didn’t care. Good stuff, because I have to go back two or three more times.