Well, i'm sure their doctors are pretty good, but...

I just got home from a one-week visit to New York. A few days ago, i was walking down 2nd Avenue in Manhattan, and came across one of New York University’s medical facilities. It caught my eye, and i was compelled to take a picture.

See if you can see the problem here

Nope, sorry. Could you spoiler-box it?

Oh. My. They mispelled diseases and no one noticed? I can see the printer screwing it up, but the hospital didn’t notice?

ETA: Look again, twicky!


I was hoping that that would turn out to be some sort of little-used alternate spelling or something. Naaa…it’s just a straight-up screwup.

Ooof! I thought I was going to call you out on your old-school vs. new-school spelling, but that isn’t it at all!


I was looking at the wall of hospital and not the hanging banner. D’oh -


Me too. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting it.

That’s a pretty big Oops.

Me too. I Googled it before posting, just in case it was some alternate spelling that i hadn’t heard of, and i also checked the Oxford English Dictionary.

Alas, the resolution on my computer isn’t good enough for me to see the smaller type on the banners.

I’m an editor by trade, and saw it in about a tenth of a second.

I might worry about their doctors actually.

Here is a close-up.

Could it be the spanish spelling for disease? Check out this book:


I found a few other cites as well.

Dammit, Jim, I’m a doctor, not a spelling bee champion.

Nope, that’s a mispelling there too. There is no such word in Spanish.

Link here.

I stated it poorly. I didn’t think it was a spanish word… I was wondering if sometimes english words are used and spelled differently in spanish writings. I think we sometimes do this with foreign words in english - but I can’t think of an example, so I could be full of it.

I dunno. I did find it 950 times, which just seemed odd for such a wierd misspelling.

I agree, it’s a weird spelling of “deceases.”

I’m not sure it’s that odd.

According to Googlefight, there are 941 results for “deaseses” and 143,000,000 results for “diseases.”

That’s a ratio of about 150,000:1. The idea that a word might be misspelled in a particular way once every 150,000 times isn’t so hard to believe.

And even if you’re right that it were the result of some Spanish speaker who had the wrong spelling, surely the NYU hospital folks should have noticed the error before the banners were hung, or in the time since. I’m not sure how long they’ve been up, but i first saw them last Wednesday (5/16) and they were still there this Tuesday (5/22). And it’s not just one banner. There are at least two with the wrong spelling visible from 2nd Avenue.