Consistently misspelled, non-complex words.

I’m no spelling/grammar nazi but some words just stick out to me for their seemingly consistent inability to be spelled correctly by those who use them. Now this is just for starters, and can (and should) be added to, but the one I notice more than others is “discreet”. Every-damn-time I see a poster (on any forum or board) use this word, it is spelled “discrete”. Arghh! Why?? It’s not a particularly difficult word to wrap one’s brain around; so why the chronic misspelling? Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now.
ETA: Actually, both spellings are correct but mean different things. I should have made the point that people seem to use “discrete” when they really mean “discreet”. Thread fail. :smack: My bad people.

Probably the champion in terms of frequency is “it’s” where the possessive is intended.

I’m starting to see a good deal of a new contender: “where” for “were”: “We where nearly home when the car ran out of gas.”

Oh yeah, I’m not even talking about the whole ‘apostrophe debacle’. That is a monster unto itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Confusing to and too. There are to many people that applies too.

I love “wierd” myself.

could of/should of/would of
affect/effect are randomly confused for each other

There are a few words I almost always misspell, and it annoys me. I always want to spell amendments as “ammendments” or hilariously as “hillariously”. There are a few others that always cause me troubles… errggh.

I used to spell weird wierd on purpose. I guess I thought w-e-i-r-d should spell “wired.”

This is definitely a common one.

It’s actually spelled erggh.


My own problem is not spelling words incorrectly. Words I know I have trouble with I look up. Every. Single. Time.

My problem is my brain “says it” right, but that is not what I end up typing. I reread my sentences sometimes and there are completely different words from the ones I thought I was typing.

And even though I know the difference between its and it’s and to, two, too, the wrong one gets in there sometimes. I can’t blame spell-checking or auto-correct either, because I rarely use them.

Quiet you! Haha :slight_smile:

I’m gonna need a cite for that. :dubious:

Wierd is one of my pet peeves as well. Another is “hampster” for hamster. Of the main offenders I’ve seen, the majority seem to be hamster owners, oddly enough.

Supposabley. Supposively. Ain’t what it’s supposed to be!

Ok, so these are more mispronunciations than misspellings but it’s my damn thread so there.

Phase for faze. “I was not fazed when my kid went through a phase.” Two different words. And “faze” is cooler.

I always see the “faze/phase” thing too. And “flare” used when “flair” should be used. And “sneak peak” instad of “sneak peek.”

seperately instead of separately. (Remember: separate has A RAT in it.)

random interchangeable use of affect / effect

there / their / thier

interchangeable use of stanch / staunch (Dammit, these words aren’t even approximately equal!)

judgement/judgment, loose/lose, and the king of all annoyances, rediculous/ridiculous. I always want to ask, “when was it diculous the first time?”

In addition to “definately”, I also see “defiantly”. Yeah, that’s a word, but not the one you are trying to use. Facebook is the worst for this.

While we’re at it, I hate “ya” in place of “yeah”.

Grammar. Everyone spells it grammer, usually correcting someone’s grammar!