Most annoying misspellings

  1. “Bare with me.” Look, if you wanna get naked go right ahead, but please don’t ask me to join you. It’s still winter where I live.

  2. “I’m hungary.” I don’t understand – do you lack satiety? Or are you claiming to be a landlocked Carpathian nation? Even worse is “I’m hungery,” in which case I don’t know WTF you are talking about.

  3. That whole there/their/they’re thing.

Any others?

loose for lose

I’ve been seeing past/passed confusion in the recent passed.

Walla. Um, it’s voila.

Not long ago someone on this board called a threesome a manaja twah, or something like that.


Ever been there? Yes, we where there.

I saw this all the time in Miami. Not so much here in NJ.

its/it’s. The latter means “it is” or “it was.” Otherwise, use the former.

This misspelling has crossed over into “yours/your’s”

Not to be confused with “viola.”

And anything that may or may not have an apostrophe.

I keep seeing people typing “of” for “have” and it’s melting my will to live.

“We could of gone, but we decided not to.”


You do not mess with an American’s right to bare arms!!!

In addition to all the above, Isreal.
Yes, it is.
The name of the country, however, is Israel.

I don’t have the heart to correct my friend who constantly uses “your” for “you’re”.

Your kidding me RedBloom!


How about the rampant confusion between the words ‘prostate’ and ‘prostrate’?
They say/write one, when they mean the other. Happens all the time.

Mine will always be chaise lounge for chaise longue, although it’s been misspelled that way in the US since about 1950 so it’s included in some US dictionaries as an alternative spelling. :smack:

Please find link. I must see this.

I wouldn’t even know where to start! The actual misspelling would make for some great keywords, but I can’t remember exactly what the misspelling was. It was posted within the last week, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in a sex-related thread. Instead of “twah”, it might have been “toi”, but we can’t search on 3-letter words.

Nitpick: they aren’t typing “of” for “have,” they’re typing “of” for the contraction “'ve.”

“We could’ve gone” ==> “We could of gone”

No, that doesn’t make it any better.

I may change my username. That rocks!

A little kid we knew when he was a little kid preferred listening to Moonlight Sinatra.

That reminds me of the time I was chatting with some random person, and they spelled moi “ma wa”. That was over a decade ago, and I still laugh when I think about it.

Apostrophes in plurals, such as “Here are some photo’s”. The apostrophe has been so overused it might as well mean “Here comes an ‘s’, everybody!”

The ones I hate the most are the ones I make. Your/you’re I always have to stop briefly to make sure I write it right. Occasionally comes out occassionally or ocasionally or who knows what. I’ve given up on that one, and just right-click on the red squiggly line to fix it.

A few years back, I was writing some code that “aligned” something, and couldn’t ever remember if the spelling was align or allign. The subroutine names and file names and all the calls went back and forth for about a month. Drove myself nuts.

Definately - seen here all the time.

Read the comments in any on-line newspaper in the English-speaking world and prepare to weep.

These are along the same lines as “could of”:

  1. All of the sudden
  2. He use to do that.
    #1 was actually in my newspaper this week. #2 was used several times in one thread here on the board within the last day or two.