Well it depends...

Law enforcement depends on a certain amount of racial charachteristics(sp)to help locate suspects. If they were locking up every arab and or issuing search warrants based on ethnicity alone no, bad thing. If a black man wearing jeans and a yellow shirt robbed a bank, and a cop in the area pulled you over because “you matched the description” is he profiling no, hes using the information he has.

Many of the gang members we end up dealing with in my security job all have remarkably similar vehicles (honda accords and civics, acura integras, along those lines all lowered, extra ground effects, etc) they scream that they are being “racially profiled” when they are being “vehicle profiled” we know alot of our troublemakers by their vehicles and keep a list of plate #'s and descriptions of vehicles driven by known “problem children”.

I have been told by some sorry-ass-pretty-fly-for-a-white-guy little punk “why you be hating on me like this, I’m white too”. I could do a pit thread on my experiences in amusement park security every week.

We profile like crazy for gang colors, asian male, plain blue hat, red shirt, tan pants. Hmm that matches up with the typical member of XYZ gang.

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