Well known voice actors/actresses?

Any good voice actors that are visibly well known and not just by sound or by credits?
I could recognize Rob Paulsen and Billy West but not by their photos.
Any well known voice actors?

Mel Blanc was seen often enough that he’d be recognizable to a lot of folks.

Herschel Bernardi (the original voice of “Charlie the Tuna”) was a famous actor with a recognizable face.

Bea Benadaret (“Betty Rubble”) was on Petticoat Junction (and for a time on Beverly Billbillies), and so a well-known face.
Mason Adams made a gazillion commercials as a voice-over, and I was surprised when he showed up on-camera as an acvtor in Lou Grant, so I’d know him.

William Conrad did a lot of voice over (including the narrator on Rocky and Bullwinkle) and was Matt Dillon on the radio version of Gunsmoke, but he had plenty of on-screen time, especially with Cannon and Nero Wolfe (the old TV version)

I think I’d know Paul Frees and Daws Butler by sight, but mosdt people probably wouldn’t (or by their names, either, but they’d know their voices)

George Clooney has been doing the Budweiser ads as of late, does that count?

Hank Azaria has probably done enough live-action work that a lot of people will recognize his face.

I immediately recognize Sam Elliot and Gene Hackman in their recent spots.

Brittany Murphey apparently does the voice of a toon. Never had a chance to see it though.

I would love to see her play Harley Quinn in a live action version. It kept throwing me off when watching 8 Mile.

Mila Kunis (Jackie on That 70s Show) plays Meg on The Family Guy. Seth Green provides the voice for her brother, Chris. I’d recognize both of them on the street ( especially Seth - yow!)

Kelsey Grammar, Mark Hammill, and Patrick Stewart (actually, most of the main cast of STNG did voices for Gargoyles).

Dan Castelleneta (Homer Simpson) was on The Tracey Ullman Show and has done numerous TV guest appearances.

I’d know Stan Freberg if I saw him on the street; many people probably would.

Jean Smart is the voice of Mrs. Oblong. (My wife saw her first ep of The Oblongs last week—didn’t quite get it, but the first time Mrs. O spoke, she asked, “Isn’t that Jean Smart?”

Oh, and Bob Oblong is Will Ferrell .

I’d say that Adam West’s voice and face are both pretty recognizable.

Yeardley Smith (Lisa Simpson) played Greg’s secretary on Dharma & Greg.

Michael J. Fox was very recognizable as an actor till his Parkinson’s gave me a second career as a voice actor.

The late John Ritter was Clifford the Big Red Dog.

I might be able to recognize the lady who does Bart Simpson’s voice from her appearance in the one Bruce Willis/child cryptologist film.

She was on Herman’s Head, not that you (or anyone) ever watched it.

For King of the Hill, I’d recognize Kathy Najimy as Peggy Hill, Brittany Murphy as Luanne, and Stephen Root as Bill Dauterive and Buck Strickland.

Nope. That was Yeardley Smith, not Nancy Cartwright. Yeardley played Lisa Simpson.

Ahem. :: Former Herman’s Head fan clears throat, annoyed. ::

Phil LaMarr (of Mad TV) is probably getting better known for his voice work than his live action acting these days.

Morgan Freeman narrated March of the Penguins and Spielberg’s War of the Worlds.

Sam “I’m a shameless fan of the man” Jackson’s doing more voiceover work lately, including Boondocks and an animated moockumentary called Farce of the Penguins (wonder what’s that about.)

This link goes to a YouTube video showing several voice actors. (It isn’t quite what the OP asked for, but it’s a cool video.)

And he’s a damned good actor… anyone a fan of Huff? Anyway Hank was who I was going to suggest.

I might recognize Tress MacNeille’s face if I saw her on the street, and she’s a voice-work goddess. Harry Shearer is equally famous for his Simpsons work and Spinal Tap/Christopher Guest stuff. As far as narration goes, it seems The History Channel’s entire body of work is narrated by either Stacy Keach or Edward Herrmann, both of whom I’d recognize.
…and I still miss Herman’s Head.

Apparently, Mel Blanc became easily recognized after he did this credit card ad.