Well, looks like I have to quit playing rugby

My body is officially too wrecked. My left knee has been dislocated three times, tearing my meniscus once. My left shoulder is unstable because of an drunken accident (nobody’s fault but my own, but it still stinks). Then in my most recent game I got my clock cleaned on a high tackle and got a concussion from my head hitting the turf (my third from playing).

Now apparently, if I get messed up again in some way I might be dropped by my health insurance company. My doctor thinks I’m a lunatic and I should stop playing so I can guarantee that I’ll be able to walk right when I’m 30. So it’s probably for the best, but I’m going to miss being on the pitch.

A pity. I hope you find another sport to enjoy as much.

You play rugby. Duh.:smiley:

Seriously, I know what it’s like to never again be able to do something you love.
You have my sympathy.

Eh, I’m thinking this is the time in my life where I should just get all my exercise in gym workouts. I would love to play basketball again but my left knee wouldn’t be able to take the impact.

Thank god I didn’t become a professional athlete, I would have spent most of my career on the sidelines.

I know how you feel. I’m beginning to think that this was the wrong week for me to quit amphetamines.

:slight_smile: In all sincerity, I’m sorry to hear that. Is there a way to stay involved, such as being an official or a coach?

I seriously feel for you. In jan i tore my patella in my left knee… so that makes both the right and left one reconstructed… I was playing a charity basketball game at my boy’s school… and the damn kids booed me while i lay on the ground lookin at my kneecap up around my thigh…

thats it… I’m done with basketball except to rebound for junior… I can’t dunk anymore… heck i probably won’t be able to touch the rim anymore… and what absolutely sucks is not being able to make the kind of plays i remember making…

So yeah… i guess i should consider curling. i mean… i already got a broom…

I played for many years, yes it’s true, us girlies play rugby too…but I had to give up after two knee replacements and managing to break the same elbow more than once!

dang, that sucks. [hijack]I’m going to the Hong Kong Sevens in a few weeks. But merely as a spectator. [/hijack]

I’ve got my own knee problems and have long since come to terms with the fact there are just some things I can’t or *really *shouldn’t do any more.

Well, I’m not sure how women’s rugby is in the UK, but in the States I would argue that a good chunk of female rugby players are far from girlies (no offense, I’m sure you’re gorgeous.

I’m jealous. Going to that tournament and seeing the All Blacks play are the two rugby related items on my figurative “bucket list.”

Sorry to hear that. My husband quit rugby after tearing an Achilles tendon playing tennis - made it hard for him to run. As he put it, “I was trying to get Ferrari performance out of a Hyundai body.” Maybe there’s some other way for you to stay involved?

There might be, but I’d rather not be involved if I can’t play.

Take up wild water kayaking. It’s easy on the knees, but like rugby, there is a high level of intensity, strong camaraderie, and random nudity at the end of the day.

As much as it sucks to have to stop doing something you enjoy, it took me a few decades to realize that I went through several different stages during which I pursued different main interests for a number of years.

I stopped rugby after law school. Did a ton of martial arts in my 30s before stopping due to injuries. Then I ran, including a marathon, before 2 surgeries stopped that. Right now at 49 I’m focusing on my golf game, playing upright bass, and learning the inside and out of a 60s car I recently bought.

So yeah, getting older sucks (physically, at least). But you can find something else to pursue that you’ll enjoy just as much. Life is too long to do just one thing.

I stopped golf before I stopped rugby – golf was too dangerous (I kept smacking my father in the head with the ball when I teed off – the last time resulted in a trip to the hospital in a golf cart, with lots of blood from the vein in his forehead.)

I also learned that rugby and golf do not mix. My rugby team rented a golf course for an afternoon. You’ve heard of golfers hitting a birdie or an eagle? I hit a beaver that was waddling across the fairway (I didn’t notice it when I teed off – I really am a bit of a menace when teeing off despite my best intentions.) A fellow who had been drummed out of our military for running over a brigader general’s car (a red Lada that deserved being squashed) with a tank recovery vehicle, managed to get our golf cart stuck in the bush. That night at dinner at the golf club’s clubhouse, things were proceeding quite normally for our team, until the trophy shelves fell down, which resulted in our being banned from the golf club.

Coincidentally, two days later, a beaver dam on the golf club’s property broke and flooded out a section of the Trans-Canada highway, closing that part for a couple of days.

Anyway, Dinsdale is right. The sooner you get on to something new, the happier you will be. Time to move on.

My husband is (was) a rugby player. His last season was almost seven years ago, after our oldest was born. He was 36 and having to take Celebrex all week so that he could feel good enough to play the next Saturday. He hung up the boots and hasn’t done much of anything since. He just started running again (last week), but is having trouble getting motivated without the team training and games. Yesterday, he said he was thinking about playing again. I don’t think he will - we’re way out of that lifestyle at this point in our lives and an injury would sideline him at work - but he definitely misses it.

Had to hang 'em up at 26 because it kept exacerbating my two herniated discs. Who knew that playing in the front row would lead to problems with spinal compression?

Of course, it also caused the two herniated discs, butt hat was in an informal game on the uni lawn, so that doesn’t count

Where are you? Is there a touch competition nearby? It’s not a game in which my contributions to a team are typically a positive, but depending on where you played it might be worth your time.

ONLY three concussions? Come on man, you’ve got more left in you!

Oh, is it turning into one of those threads?

OK - two concussions (knocked out once), six shoulder dislocations, two herniated discs, two cracked ribs, a rebroken foot (I’d broken it eight weeks earlier by dropping a computer on it) and probably a broken finger.

Everything else was muscular, none as bad as the time I shredded my left quad playing cricket - but that’s another story.

In 17 years, the worst was a Charley horse that a Jones bandage took care of. Some folks are lucky.