Well, looks like I'm welcoming a new feline overlord...

yes, there is a pic, but first the story. violins playing softly

Late last night I was catching up on Supernatural episodes, when I was done I started locking up for the night, when I could hear “meeeewwww”, I immediately thought Crowley was coming for me, then I realised it was a cat.

I looked out, couldn’t see a damn thing. Oh dear gawd, it is Crowley!!!

Sporadically during the night I could hear meeewwww meeeewwww. Damn that sounds like a kitten…

So this morning I go looking and can’t see/hear anything.

Till about 30 mins ago meeeewwww meeeeewwww I look again and realise why I can hear demon/ghost cat and not see it. I pop the hood of my car and found this huddling on the battery.

Not calling him/her (I’ve not checked yet) Crowley. Maybe Castiel…

I still have old cat equipment from my previous enslavement so I just need to get some kitten food and give kitteh a bath. No signs of fleas thankfully…


Oh, what a little baby! I’m glad kitty has a warm lap instead of a car battery to cuddle up with, now. :slight_smile:


I am no good at name suggestions. But I did once have a cat I name The Road Warrior. He was adopted when he appeared to be the same age as that little darling in the picture. He’d been found clinging to the underside of a coworker’s car when she arrived at work.

Bless you for taking in the baby.

Heartily seconded! Let us know what you name him/her once you find out, err, which gender your little luv is.

awwww - good for you! we need awake and fluffy photos ASAP :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :smiley:

Mother isn’t happy about it, but she’s never happy with anything, so I’ll ignore her.

I think kitteh is a gurl. And I think she has the flu :frowning:

Her eyes are quite bad

But she’s had something to eat and drink (went out to get her kitten food and cat milk)

She’s very very hungry, so I’m trying not to let her guzzle too much in one go. I’ll let her rest a while before I tackle trying to clean her eyes and coat. No idea where she came from, there are little burrs in her coat that would suggest she’s been in a field, I just hope she wasn’t in the engine long!!

What a sweet little thing! I’m glad you found her before driving off with her under the hood! What kind of car was she hiding in? That may suggest a good name…

Wow, thank goodness you noticed her before you drove the car again. There are many stories about stray cats curling up against a warm car engine and then being killed by the engine when the driver unknowingly starts the car again.
I hope you keep us updated on how she does!

She’s just freakin adorable. Wishing you joy with your new friend.

She’s lucky she found you! Eating and drinking are excellent signs. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has worms, though, along with the flu.

Cute kitty!

Aw, poor thing on a car battery? That sounds pretty scary. She’s very cute :slight_smile:

I just wanted to share a story about another cat who was found around a vehicle–my parents found a kitten hiding out in our garage when I was about 5. We named him “Axie” after the axle of a car.

Squee!! Good on you for taking in the little one; I am sure s/he will provide you with her name soon enough. So sweet!

Good for both of you! My little guy was only a few weeks old with a bad eye, starved, and dodging cars in a parking lot when he sought me out for enslavement. Took a while to get him fixed up and the eye working but he just passed his first birthday and is doing great, so kittens who use cars to enslave humans clearly have some edge.

Your kitty is lucky you found her/him. My Ziva is doing great even though she was found in a parking lot in January, paws and belly burnt. I figure that she looked for warmth in a parked car and got a bit more heat than she hoped for.

Here she is, not a new picture, but it’s hard to get a good one of her.

Oh, Ziva is lovely. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Morgyn, she is. :slight_smile:

Corcaigh, your little nameless one is a beauty too.

Definitely try to get her to a vet for a thorough looking-over, to make sure she’s in decent health. Especially if there are other pets in the home.

Congratulations! What a lucky kitty.


Yeah, since this cat was found on a battery, I was thinking Sparky.