Well, looks like I'm welcoming a new feline overlord...

Aww so cute! I’m a huge fan of Supernatural so of course I like the names you’re thinking about :slight_smile:

Vet, antibiotics, antiparasitics…

I thought of that, but the car name isn’t very feline!

I’m glad I remembered that cats will climb into a car engine! I’ve no idea how long she’d been in there, or where I might have picked her up.

She’s done two poos, didn’t notice any worms, but then I wasn’t looking that closely - she was very considerate and went behind the TV stand! :slight_smile:

Yup, will be taking her down as soon as I’m ready.

She had a good night’s sleep in the cat carrier, brought her downstairs this morning and she’s very lively, purring like mad, her eyes are still bad, but she can see, had a drink but nothing to eat, followed my feet around the living room and even clambered up to sit next to my mother. Who seems to be coming 'round to the idea of us having a cat :smiley:

A friend on Facebook suggested Monroe as a name, from Grimm, I think it suits her!

I was thinking of the name Anode.

Oh, wait - it’s a girl - so maybe Cathode is more appropriate.

Nerd? Moi?

What a happy endig for this little one… and you! Congrats on the new family member, may you have many happy years together!

Name suggestions:

Assault (like …and battery)
Cathode is good; she could be “Cath” for short.
Jumper (like the cables that also attach to a battery)
Supposedly one of our cats was born in a car back seat. We named her Shelby.

Thanks :smiley:

I was aiming for something more sci-fi nerd type style thing :smiley:
No small animal vet in the clinic today, so I’ll take her back down tomorrow. I’ve bathed her eyes again, and they look a lot better now.

The look on her little face when she felt warm air coming out of my laptop was priceless! and I didn’t have the camera to hand!

Aww, this gave me the warm fuzzies. :slight_smile:


I’m sure that the luvins you give will help her heal.

Scritches and Head Butts


Hope all goes well with the new kitty.

I just had to put down my cat of 14+ years. A co-worker gave him to me after finding him living by the dumpster at her apartment complex. He was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I’ve been thinking of taking his leftover cans and bags of cat food down to the SPCA but I’m afraid I’ll end up bringing home another fuzzy attention sponge.

What a gorgeous kitten.

Cats tend to like engines because they can be warm. As long as no one starts the car it isn’t a huge deal, except for the grease.

Starting the car, however, can be bad.

We had a cat named Peaches (not my choice for the name) when I was growing up. She was a pretty white long hair. And also was the unluckiest cat alive. My brother found her and she had a broken pelvis IIRC. We think that was the first time she was hit by a car. She was pretty wild when she was found.

She was hit two more times. Or was it three? I forget. (Yeah, we tried to keep her inside but she was very good at getting out).

She came home once with a hole in her throat. You could see right in.

There were a bunch of other injuries. Hurt tail, various cuts that ran from minor to ‘holy shit’, a broken leg or two. There were so many it is hard to remember.

And then there was the day my Dad started the station wagon. I happened to be in the car at the time. My Dad started the car and all of the sudden white fur is flying all over the place from under the hood. Dad stopped the car and popped the hood. Somehow Peaches got out and was warming herself on the engine. When Dad started the car the fan belt ripped all the hair off of one side of her.

She was half pink and half white. We took her to the vet and there was no major damage done, but damned that had to hurt.

The hair grew back and she seemed no worse for the ordeal.

She lived to 18 or so, somehow, but the age is the vets best guess. She died of throat cancer. It was very sad. She took the pain so well. She had been hurt so many times that she was a very good patient. Giving her meds was a little hard but not too bad. What was really sad is that when she got sick you could see her give up. During all the other injuries she was feisty and wanted to be OUT. The last sickness just sapped her will.

I miss that cat. She was tame but had a wild streak. She was a blast to play with.


*Time to go find my three cats…

Late to this thread, but Corcaigh, you totally rock! She is going to be such a beautiful kitty.

sleestak, that was a wonderful tribute to your kitty.

I’ve got a bunch of feral cats that hang around in my yard. (probably because I feed them) I always worry when I start my car in the morning, so I walk around it and kinda thump on it. Mostly they sleep on the tires, but thats probably because I drive a sub-compact and they can’t fit on the engine.

If she was sitting on the battery, her name must be Sparky.

Good for her for finding a warm spot out of the weather. Friends of mine were adopted by a cat the same way, but they found him on the manifold (like yours, a good thing they heard the miaows before starting the engine).

I’m sure the food, water, and warmth will clear up her cold in no time. But it’s already time to begin sacrificing to your new overlord by conveying her to the vet. May she repay your kindness to her in a myriad of ways.

Awww. Wookit the fuzzies. I like the name Axle, myself. Bless you for taking her in.

Is she too young to have been chipped?

Oh poor Peach! tries not to laugh

Miss/Missy/Missus/Kitty/Monroe (or variations on the theme) has been to the vet, she took everything in her stride, from the car trip, to the big lorry coming down the narrow road, with an 8" wide pavement (I nearly passed out), to the over excited dog that was going home with a shrieking child, to the thermometer up her butt, eye drops an injection, and a [medical] grope all over.

This kitten rocks!

She has an ulcer on one of her inner eyelids (have drops to apply), and a very wheezy chest (possible lung worm, not tested yet), her breath smells bad, and she’s probably full of worms (got a wormer).

There’s a good chance she got into the car in a supermarket car park, there’s a field next to it where there are a lot of feral cats hanging around, and I had parked there on Saturday afternoon. There is also a good chance she’ll have feline HIV or feline leukaemia as both a rife in the feral cat population (which apparently is HUGE). HIV she can live with, leukaemia not so much.

I’ll dose her with the wormer for the next 5 days (although I can’t see any worms in her poops - yes I checked) Her breathing is erratic, but she doesn’t seem to be distressed. her eyes look better already, and she’s been cleaning her face herself :heart:

I’m “washing” her with a damp cloth to clean her up a bit since she can’t/won’t wash herself.

In a month I’ll take her back to the vet for more tests (she’s too young for the big tests yet), so we’ll see what news that brings. But she has a forever home regardless.

She can clamber up onto the couch, likes to watch the animation on facebook games, was watching the telly for a while. Is eating, and drinking, and peeing and pooing - but never on the newspaper I’m carefully laying out for her… I know she likes to hide when she’s toileting so I’m putting paper down where she might go.

the face/butt

watching Home & Away

Kitties really like having a dig before they go to the bathroom (their instinct to hide their waste is very powerful) and up till now she’s probably being going in soft dirt - a flat newspaper on a hard surface just isn’t appealing. Try ripping up the newspaper and putting it in a plastic bin she can climb inside of. Probably have more luck that way.

In the US there’s even a brand of cat litter made from recycled newspapers, called “Yesterdays News” so there isn’t any inherent problem with the newspaper for absorbency, etc – you might just have to make it more appealing. Once you’ve assembled the newspaper and the bin, lift her into the bin, take her paw gently and show her how she can “dig” in it. Most kittens immediately recognize what the bin is “for” after being shown once or twice.

ETA: thank you for taking her in! A professor of mine once found a kitten on her engine block… after she’d just driven home! The kitten was fine and was named “Milagro” (miracle).

Very pretty girl. Reminds me a bit of Venus :).

Obtaining a new furry owner would probably be best for you and for the new cat. :wink: