Well, my Saturday went into the crapper. ( Mild. Annoyed. Whiney.)

As I was running out the door at 530am to drive to work, I realized I had grabbed the wrong set of keys and nipped back into the house to get the right ones.

My 8 year old daughter came down stairs and asked me, " Mama, what’s this?" and I looked down at her feet to see them covered in what looked like in my not-completely caffeinated state and in poor lighting, to be really mosquito bitten. I told her thus, shoved her off to sleep in *my bed * and then amscrayed to MegaHell for my daily dose of The Office/Office Space meets retail world.

Considering Thursday night the kids were at a free-for-all-party-palooza sleepover at a friends house having a full scale air-soft warfare and other games of running amok through bushes and weeds, I figured it was mosquito bites. They were up until 3am.

I’ve been trying for most of the summer to make it to the town just south of us to hit my favorite yarn store in the universe but I have been working up to 6 days a week this summer and haven’t had the energy or time or had the kids with me and have been broker than a two dollah ho. So, afterward clocking out of MegaHell, I hit a yarn shop to buy some [strike]crack[/strike] yarn and was called by my husband to inform me both the kids had some kinda rash that was just Not Good.

He takes them to the Doctors. I get home and start to go into Defcon 5 snd start to strip down all the beds, take all clothing or touched in the last 48 hours
( including the piles of clean clothing they have folded.) completely sterilize the bathrooms and flat surfaces that may have thought about even touching and called a friend that the kids played with yesterday that I am pretty sure there was possible touching as they sat next to each other in a car.

I will be up for the rest of the night doing laundry and positively windexing anything I think the kids have touched since coming back home on Friday.

I have showered with special poison ivy be gone kinda soap and now have physcosomatic symptoms of itching on my face, mouth, hair, genitals, ears, butt and any other part of my body that has skin.

Oh, and since this is the pit…“Poopie Motherfarker.”

Fucking poison ivy. I feel your pain. I always thought of it as some sort of karmic North American revenge on the Pilgrims for taking the Indians’ land away from them.

Poison ivy? Or bedbugs?

You left out the most important detail.

What kind of yarn did you get?

I’m sorry to hear that your SEX* was ruined by some poison ivy.

Are you or your family especially sensitive to the plant?

More importantly: When are you calling in the napalm on the nasty little weeds?

Stash Enchancement EX*perience

What was the rash caused by? :confused:

Oh, yes, a very important detail.

Jigsaw Heirloom Sock Yarn # 54 . It will be socks for a bride’s wedding present from me. ( The groom is getting something more sedate and dull that I had in my stash.
**Update: ** The kids are on steroids and all that assorted goodness and it does not look to be poison ivy. It isn’t blistery or oozing and it disappearing with this treatment. They came into contact with something, but scampering about willy nilly in the woods, we don’t know exactly what.

The brighter side is that my laundry is all done and we have scaled everything down to Defcon 1.

I gotta say, ever since a very unfortunate sleepover, my first thought is bedbugs or head lice.

And now I am in SERIOUS yarn craving mode. Damn you.

Uh, DEFCON 1 is the maximum readiness state. You scaled back to DEFCON 5.

pretty yarn! My birthday is next week and my mom bought me yarn, 4 books on making socks and a whole set of circular needles with interchangable points. whoo hoo!

Oooo, lovely! I can’t knit socks. I’ve tried and I’ve tried but I just wind up getting frustrated and ripping out the whole mess. It’s ok though, I knit a mean monkey sweater.

Also, I’m glad to hear the kids don’t have poison ivy - my dad got that (or something like that) that was totally resistant to any kind of treatment. Evenutally he sat down with a bottle of tequila, a bottle of bleach and a wire brush and nuked that mo-fo from orbit, so to speak. It’s nasty, nasty shit.

That sucks! I’m fighting my own battle with poison ivy right now (stupid fucking paintball). I couldn’t imagine dealing with children who have this horrid curse.

Ugh. We went through something similar last fall, but it turned out to be fleas! We don’t even have a dog or cat–we stayed over at my sister-in-law’s house and brought the damn things home with us! Oh, and when fleas don’t have animals to bite, they go after people! Ended up having to use flea bombs and wash absolutely everything and vacuum a million times. Ick.

For some reason I read that as “my dog got that” which gave me an odd mental picture on reading the next sentence.