This Sucks !

Just feel the need to bitch and moan a bit. My kid got sick with some stomach virus on Saturday. He’s had fevers and the runs for four days now and on Sunday, my husband began feeling sick, so he was down for the count on Sunday and Monday. I got my freaking period last Thursday and for some reason the cramps are a lot worse then usual this month. I’m exhausted. I’ve been doing so much laundry that I don’t want to see the washing machine anymore. I’m up doing laundry in the middle of the night and all day long. I really don’t want the stomach virus, so I’ve been washing my hands all the time, so now they are dry, and spraying Lysol everywhere. My son is all whiny and demanding since he’s sick, and I realize that’s normal for him, but I’m getting testy because of it.

I’m also pissed because my best friend is going in for a c-section tomorrow to have her baby, and I wanted to go see her before the baby, I don’t like to see newborn babies, and since she live about 2 hours away, it requires planning. I’ve had it planned for weeks now, but since the virus has hit, I had to change my plans, I won’t be able to see her for a while. I made her baby a sweater to wear home from the hospital and now I can’t give it to her. By the time I see her, the sweater will be way too small.

I know these things happen, but I’m just not happy right now. I’m worried, I’ll get the virus, but as a mom, I’m not allowed to be sick, no one will take care of me or help me out. I’m in a really bad mood. :mad:

Astroboy places a half-gallon container of chocolate ice cream outside dragongirl’s doorstep, rings the doorbell, and RUNS AWAY!!!

It’ll get better! Really, it will!:slight_smile:

Thanks Astroboy14, I needed a giggle.

I know it’s a poor substitute, but you could mail the sweater you’ve made for the baby. That way, the sweater will arrive at her house just a few days after they’re back from the hospital. I think the most important thing is that she gets the gift while it’s usable, not that you be there to present it in person. Also, many newborns lose weight for a while after they’re born, so you may have more time than you think. You can visit when you’re out from under all the virus crap.