Well now, this is mildly unpleasant

I have a huge knot in my arm, underneath a huge bruise. Stupid tetanus shot. I didn’t even know it was there until I took my shower. I assumed my arm hurt because of the shot itself, not because of the knot.

I had one last week. I had always remembered that a tetanus shot hurt the next day, and then you were done with it. Pissed me off was I was still sore as hell three days later.

I have two fingers.

Really? I have 10. Of course 1 of them is missing a chunk right now.

I had the shot on Thursday morning. Still hurts.

Hmmm…I don’t recall my tetanus shot hurting at all. This was about eleven years ago, but I have a keen memory for unpleasant things.

I had to get a tetanus shot in one arm and some other kind of immunization shot (hepatitis?) in the other arm in order to enroll at UT Austin…

And my main memory is shutting my eyes while the shots were administered and not feeling anything other than the swipe of alcohol beforehand. I hadn’t had a shot in years and was rather shocked that I didn’t even feel it. I don’t recall it being sore or knotting up at all…

I DO vividly recall getting a penicillin shot several years ago and how it balled up and bruised and was sore as hell for a week or so. Anybody know why they always give you penicillin shots in your ass? A part of the body quite necessary in SITTING? And thus unavoidable?

The shot didn’t hurt at all. The aftermath hurts.

Even before I developed my penicillin allergy, I never got it in shot form so I can’t answer that.

I got mine last week. It didn’t hurt but I had the chills for the next two days.

The knot seems to have broken up a tad but it itches like hell.