Well, now we know what's in the Mystery Shed

I’ve been renting this house in Sparks for about 5 years. In the corner of the backyard, there’s always been this locked shed. I always wondered what was in it…dead bodies, pirate’s gold…my 11 year old daughter imagined a secret portal.

Last week I heard a loud crunching noise and then silence in the back yard. I had no idea what it was, and it was dark, so I didn’t investigate. Friday morning, my daughter noticed that the shed was looking a little unusual…seems the roof has totally caved in.

So I finally got to see. Here’s where it gets mundane and pointless. My landlord’s son has his old junk in there. A pair of skis, some fire place andirons, some old trophies.

The truth is so much more dull than the imagination!

Wait until you put on the special sunglasses, then you see what is REALLY there!

Given the time lapse between the “collapse” of the “shed” and when you went out to look at it – do you really think you can dismiss the portal-to-another-dimension theory?

I’m the same way with poorly-named threads right here on the SDMB, to some small degree. "Hey, is that a subject I’m intterested in? " <opens thread> “Nope…”

No 1920s-style death rays? No waffles? No Jimmy Hoffa?


Yeah, sounds mundane but trophies for what? Maybe there’s a reason they’re stored in the shed.

Yes, yes.
“They Live!”
I suppose it’s very nice.

Trophies for what? I imagine that they’re the skulls of vanquished enemies and not for bowling.

be careful of the trap door hidden underneath all those heavy trophies. If you lift it open, it leads to the secret…
<thump, thump, thump,…blood-curdling scream …>

Hmmm. Unused storage shed. Loud crunching noise, followed by silence, you say? Did you see any “cooler shaped” tracks in the snow? Because it sounds like it might have been a breakout by renegade spawn of the Evil Cooler of Death!

Did Geraldo Rivera open it?

At least there was something in the shed.

What? No Frozen Dead Guy?

Come on.

What? No DoMe Chair? Come on.

Geraldo Rivera :rolleyes: