Well, now who'll take care of Katie and the triplets [RIP Don Grady] (edited title)

Actor Don Grady, periennial oldest brother from My Three Sons, has died.

Somehow, this saddens me more than most of the other show business deaths that are reported. I never missed an episode of My Three Sons when it was in it’s original release.

Robbie, thanks for the great memories.

Actually, Mike was the oldest son (played by Tim Considine). Although after he left the show and Ernie was adopted, that did make Robbie the oldest of the “three sons.”

This saddens me too. I’m too young to have watched the show in its original run, but as a kid in the 80s, I liked watching the reruns on Nick at Nite.

Donald Trump is just two years younger so this has raised my hopes tremendously.

Well, yeah, but I think it was an earlier case of the Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.

Met him once, in the early 70s, he’d been out of the spotlight a few years and was doing his music, he seemed like a very nice guy, and I actually hav eone of his albums, which was pretty good.
Trivia: his last name was originally “Agrati”.

IIRC Chuck never appeared after the pilot of Happy Days, but Mike was a Son for like five years. If you mean he was oddly never mentioned again by his own family, I think that’s true.

Gavan O’Herlihy (CC#1) appeared in 7 episodes and was credited in 2 more. Randolph Roberts (CC#2) appeared in 2 episodes. That’s a decent amount of Chuck.

Little M3S factoid: Robbie’s wife Katie was played by Tina Cole (a King Cousin!), who was Beverly Garland’s step-daughter-in-law. And Beverly Garland played Robbie’s new step-mother in the horrible later episodes. Thus making Katie Barbara Douglas’s step-daughter-in-law.

Now we’re losing the kids from My Three Sons? :smack: :dubious:

How could Robbie be 68? He was the teen heartthrob on My Three Sons. His character married his gf Katie on that show. Tina Cole played Katie.

I saw My Three Sons every day after school in reruns in the 70’s. R.I.P Don Grady

CBS got some of the My Three Sons cast together in 2009. Don Grady and Tina Cole attended the reunion then. I always wondered what ever happened to the triplets the characters Robbie & Katie had. Very unusual back then for tv characters to have triplets.


Considering when the triplets were born it’s likely that the triplets are taking care of Katie.

I watched My Three Sons in between the original airing and Nick at Nite without much regard for when the series was actually made. After reading various headlines about “Don Grady…68” I’m still working out how I feel to know one of my earliest crushes was on a guy older than my parents.

And more from the trivia corner: Don’s sister Lani played the oldest sister (maybe she wasn’t the oldest, but the one who wanted to be a doctor) on Eight is Enough.

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More trivia: Lani O’Grady, who played Mary Bradford (the oldest daughter) on Eight in Enough was Don Grady’s sister.

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I’m actually kinda bummed – in The Most Arbitrary Death Pool List Ever (mine: all people with a Dec. 31st birthday), I have Grady’s costar, Tim Considine.


A little off-topic, but how many people who know who Don Grady was (he was also one of the original Mouseketeers!) also happen to remember what a King Cousin was?

The King Sisters were a singing act who hosted a variety show on ABC. There was a whole passel of King relatives who showed up on the show, including their singing children, who were billed as the King Cousins.

I’m surprised more people aren’t familiar with Robbie Douglas. Sons had a 13 year run. Then it was in syndication at least another 20 years. It was on every weekday on either TBS or WGN in the 70’s. I watched it regularly when I got home from school. We even watched it in college in the 80’s.

Sons was really several shows depending on how old the kids were. The kids were pretty young the first season. By the later years the wives of Steve and Robbie were a big source of stories.

And also died young (albeit her death was due to drug abuse).

Another factoid: Beverly Garland’s character’s daughter on the series was played by Dawn Lyn, real-life sister of “where are they now” teen idol Leif Garrett.