"Well, Star Wars was lame."

Actually I would invoke Joseph Campbell to support the classic story telling that is Star Wars.

If she has to ask who the good guys are, I doubt she cares overmuch about Greedo shooting first. :stuck_out_tongue:

The newer ones are better? Yes, and white is darker than black, and 1 is greater than 10. It’s all so clear now.

Yeah, and the dark side of the force is all about peace and harmony with all living things.

A New Hope vs. A No Hope ?

We wathced the new version that was recently released on DVD.

However, as suggested earlier, last night we watched The Empire Strikes Back. She seemed to enjoy this movie quite a bit more, and there were a lot less questions asked. I thnk that she was actually interested enough in this movie to pay attention rather than ask quetions the whole time.

There may be hope yet…

…another marriage saved by Empire!

And that stupid King Kong, who wants to see an old black & white movie anyway, probubly sucks. :rolleyes:

While I would agree with you, watch the Rambo DVD with the screenwriter interview. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s an absolute riot.

Well, thank you for clearing that up, Mr. Authority On What Constitutes A Good Story and/ Or A Good Movie.

It does, but then so will the new one.

I am also baffled by the “Are these the good guys?” comments.

Can she not see the Storm Trooper outfits? Does the “Imperial March” not sound like “bad guy” music? Is the absurdly tall, jet-black-suited, iron-lunging, force-choking, scary-mask-wearing, deep-throat-talking dude they call “Lord” not a bit of a give-away as to what side of the good vs. evil dichotomy the characters in question have cast their lots with?

Well, I’ll avoid mentioning about how that’s essential for Han’s character development, and simply point out that there’s so much more crap in the “enhanced” version that it causes the film to lose the “tightness” it once had.