Well, that was lovely...

This may be Pit worthy. It might not be. I’m not done really writing yet. I’m poised between being really angry and crying a lot. Which is just exactly how I love spending half my birthday. Really. Trust me.

not much of a story to tell I guess… Just kinda want a hug from someone. God I hate crying alone at 3 am.

some friends of mine spent the afternoon picking on another friend of mine. which pisses me off. I just want poeple to be nice and happy. I just want humanity to grow as a whole and become a wiser more caring place. One tiny life’s goal and I can’t seem to get much closer to it when I trip over my own people.

so I was upset and got in a fight with my SO. Which was another lovely addition to the day, let me tell you.

Well, at least I get to blow stuff up later today. Maybe it’ll better next year. Or at least I could go buy alcohol.

Gotta wonder if its worth it some mornings.

((Medea’s Child))

Yeah, it’s worth it. Drink some for me. :wink:


I’m on AIM if you want to talk/rant/cry/punch/whatever.

And you have my phone #.

you don’t need to cry
the sdmb loves you
whoops! still haiku mode.

{{{{medea’s child}}}}

Hey 'punha…I’ll hop on AIM, but you’ll have to message me. I’m awake on pure cussedness and my list isn’t on this machine. (I’m not good company though, unless you really need pages of self pity/anger/whining complete with misspellings.)

TN*Hippie, I think I will. Hell, I’d love to be getting smashed currently. Feeling this dead with no chemical reason is pointless.

and amati, thanks. The haiku made me smile. It felt good.

wow. Been chillin’ in the Pit.

I would like to take a moment to stare in awe at the mods. I have had a shitty day. And I could never be a mod.

Good people.

Ohhh…Kathryn’s falling into bed soon, thank god.


Good morning! Hope your day is a little cheerier now, & aren’t you glad you didn’t wake up with a hangover? :slight_smile:


Love you, baby. I hope today is better.



I’m sorry, dear… I feel sorta responsible. Call me when you see this? I didn’t sleep much either.

Oh, Kathryn, I’m so sorry you had a sucky birthday…you deserved a much nicer one. Maybe today will be better…(Oh, and I don’t agree that alcohol helps any darned thing when you’re depressed…it’s a depressant, too, ya know…)

Yea, but it would have helped me sleep a bit. That could ahve been nice.

Steve, its not your fault I have a self destructive fondness for assholes. I’ll call you in a bit…


Hey, if you ever want to give me a call or something, just email me & I’ll give you my number. I’m local. :smiley:

Sorry to hear about your night, Kathryn.

What say next year, we DopeFest on your birthday and show you how to really have fun?

Happy 4[sup]th[/sup], and watch your fingers when blowing things up!

well, hopefully today will be better for you. Sorry folks made you sad on your day. want I should come up and 'splain things to them? (I’m pretty good at that).


If you need anything, e-mail me. I’ve got no life anyway. :wink:

I hope today is infinitely better.


Hang in there hon.