Well, that's an interesting pop-up (sorta)

Upon a recent visit to this site dedicated to classic arcade games. I was assaulted by a most interesting bit of advertising. It’ll take about 15 seconds to appear. What do ya think?

It didn’t annoy me like normal popups do.

The person who designed this must be killed…NOW. That is all I need it one more popup. I think this one is actually Java instead of a new browser window so it will be harder for ‘filter’ software to detect. Actually it is kinda OK.

(looking up shoe store in phone book)

Hell! I’ve downloaded this for closer inspection - won’t get to the Flash 5 for a while …still looking at that excellent NavBar at the extreme top. Phew!

Liked the idea of the adidas box, though. Grabs the attention without being too intrusive and you want to click on it.

Thanks for pointing this out, it really is interesting…standard HTML, Style Sheets, javaScript, very good graphics, Flash 5 here and there and fast loading…not too shabby at all. Very nice.

A long night ahead…

Ughh. I’ve seen this type before. For awhile, VH-1’s site would have one of these for the movie Moulin Rouge. It’s almost cute the first time, after that you must call in the airstrike.

What are y’all talking about? The “Stop the Virus” Playstation2 ad? I don’t look at ads, so I don’t know what’s different or good/bad about this one.

What virus? :confused:

I think he’s referring to the shoe ad

a box comes down your screen, slides to the right and opens up and a shoe pops out.
Those kind of stuff are really annoying when you’re trying to click a link under it and it’s taking really long to move, grrr

I sure didn’t see that!

Rilchiam - You won’t see it if you don’t have Flash installed at your particular location or if you’re using a Netscape 4xx browser (pretty sure on the latter, not 100% though)

It seemed to move off-screen faster if you held the mouse pointer over it.

It annoys me more, because I can’t just push ALT-F4 and have it go away in an instant, I have to wait. And if I want to read what’s under it, it seems to know and stays there forever.

You have to wait a bit