Well travelled NHL players

I know Chris Chelios played for 4 of them, but has anyone ever played for all 6"Original 6" teams?

Chelios only played for three of them; Montreal, Chicago and Detroit, plus Atlanta.

Vic Lynn has played for all six.

Chelios played for the Rangers. (IIRC)


Then who am I thinking of? If it’s nobody, has anyone got him beat?

Dominic Moore has played for three of the Original Six: Toronto, Montreal and Rangers (as well as Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Buffalo, Florida and (soon) Tampa Bay).

Could you have been thinking of Brendan Shanahan? He played the Rangers and Detroit (as well as the Devils, Blues and Whalers) but had a long career so perhaps that’s the confusion with Chelios?

Doug Gilmour also played for 3 of the original 6, Toronto, Chicago and Montreal.