"Well, Well, Indiana Jones." South Park season premiere (open spoilers)

Who says rape can’t be funny?

I recognized the Accused and Deliverance parodies, but does anyone know what the first scenario was referencing?

Didn’t look familiar. If it was a reference to something, I didn’t catch it.

Chuckled twice, I think. Otherwise meh.

It seemed to me it was a take on a Stephen King story, like “It” or “Tommyknockers”.
Poor Butters. Always shooting guys in the dick.
Upon looking at Wikipedia - no explanation of that segment. SO I’m callin’ it for me!

Mystic River was in there too.

I think the first rape scene might have been from I Spit On Your Grave, but I’m not clear.

They also used the rape scenes from “Deliverance” and (I’m only like 90% sure of this one) “the Accused.”

Yeah, the one on the pinball machine was from The Accused.

I wasn’t terribly impressed. Didn’t they already do a storyline about Lucas ruining his movies?

I wasn’t impressed with the Cartman/Butters storyline… but the rape of Indiana Jones? Trey and Matt are dancing right on the edge of unacceptable humour again, aren’t they…

You all did notice what the arcade games were based on, right? Howard the Duck and Willow :smiley:

That was the “Free Hat” episode about changing the guns to walkie talkies in E.T. (though Lucas was featured also).

Two jokes (raping Indiana Jones and shooting a guy in the dick) stretched out over 20+ minutes. Very Family Guy-esque, except not as funny.

I give it a D+ (only Butters gives them a passing grade. I love that kid.)

It’s season 12, episode 8. “The China Probrem.”


It was blunt, but when isn’t it? Giving Spielberg & Lucas shit for raping our favorite movies never gets old.

I read on another board that the first rape scene was from Boys Down Cry. Haven’t seen the flick, so I have no clue.

All in all it was a pretty lame episode. However, Butters’ get-up made everything worth while.

Damnit! My DVR failed me again. When are they replaying it - or is it available on some service like On Demand or Hulu?

It’s available on Comedy Central’s website.

I watched it from http://www.southparkstudios.com/guide/season/12/

Not really. For that to be true, there would have had to be humor.

The first rape scene was on the set of Crystal Skull. Aztec stuff lying around, pyramid in the background etc.

Indy says “Hey there Stan, all set to see my new adventure?”, turns around to go and then the rapists arrive …

I really liked it.

The best thing about that episode was the trailer for Far Cry 2, and I never even played Far Cry 1, nor do I own an Xbox.

“Dude, you shot him in the dick!” got a big laugh but they should’ve stopped there. Don’t know why they thought that would hold up after being stretched out so far. The Spielberg/Lucas raping their own movies thing was recycled. They could’ve gotten a lot more out of Cartman being paranoid over the Olympics and thinking China was going to take over the world.

Instead of laughing I kind of felt bad for Spielberg and Lucas. They made some of the greatest adventure movies ever when I was a kid, and I think they’re still trying to make great adventure movies for today’s kids but they are out of touch. One could make the point that they are obviously not failing financially but I don’t think the recut E.T. or the 2nd Star Wars Trilogy or the new Indiana Jones will have anywhere near the impact on today’s youth that the movies they made in the '70s and '80s did on people between Parker’s age and mine.

Speaking of video game trailers, what was that first one for? It clearly looked like some kind of RTS…I was thinking Red Alert 2, but the style didn’t match at all.

In my market, it was Far Cry 2.
Turns out my DVR didn’t fail me. I was looking at the wrong date :o.