Wells Fargo Forced Unwanted Auto Insurance on Borrowers

Nobody’s started another Pit thread against Wells Fargo yet. Let me preempt by coming to their defense.

Wells Fargo Forced Unwanted Auto Insurance on Borrowers. (BTW, what does that “?_r” at the end of the URL do? Should I have erased it?)

The libtards are happy enough to S*** their own C**** when Obama forces people to buy insurance. Yet look at the animosity when a Job Creator does the same thing.

IOW, more than 700,000 of the policies complied with those disclosure requirements. An 0.875 batting average is spectacular in any league.

See? Hundreds of thousands of these customers don’t even qualify for a refund. What’s the big deal? And I’ll bet this fine bank will pay out many of those refunds with minimal prodding from the justice system. Of all the customers who were cheated out of their automobiles, only 20,0000 were cheated wrongfully. Yet still the libtards complain.

And Ms. Temple is “deeply sorry.” Surely that heart-felt apology counts for something.

If you already had health insurance, you weren’t required to buy Obamacare in addition to your current plan(if it qualified). In now way were you required to carry two different plans.

This case with WF is forcing a second insurance plan on buyers who already had insurance.

Trolling or Stupid?

Why can’t it be both?


I’m not surprised. As I mentioned in a previous WF thread, there’s already a class-action suit against them for changing homeowner’s insurance without notice nor permission. When they tried that shit with us, we took our WF mortgage to Quicken Loans for re-fi.

Attempt at sarcasm.

Evaluating the quality of the attempt, I vote for “stupid”.

Poe’s Law.

: Golf Clap :

I believe this might be the hyu-mon concept known as “humor”.

I thought it was a joke but then I thought Drunky Smurf was a joke too.

The loss of my car would sadden me; that apology would melt my heart into fulsome, happy, forgiveness.

bolding mine

just don’t go there.

What WF did is shit because it is a duplication of coverage.

[QUOTE=septimus;20386742Yet look at the animosity when a Job Creator does the same thing.[/QUOTE]
What job creator?

Over the past 7 years, Wells Fargo’s employee count has been essentially static. While it’s gone up and down a bit at times since 2010, it’s now just under 3% different from then. Not a significant change at all. It seems to be small businesses that are doing most of the job creation.

Over the years that I was a Norwest/Wells Fargo employee, much of the growth in employee count was because we bought out some smaller bank company. And it was typical that about 6 months afte that, management would centralize back office functions at headquarters, and lay off a lot of those employees out in the field.

Ye-e-e-a-a-a-h, I would hope that by now anyone who encounters a Doper invoking the term “Job Creator” would recognize the post as being intended ironically.

Pretty sure this is satire.

But yeah, when your contribution to the economy consists of money you’ve extored from people for “protection” they didn’t need, you’re on the same moral plane as a mobster with a baseball bat.

Sing their own Chord

Spin their own Comic

Seal their own Chows



Perhaps if accompanied by a check of sufficient size to fully express remorse and sincere repentance.