WellsFargo Incompetence Has Ruined The Former Norwest Bank

About 5 years ago, WellsFargo took over Norwest Bank.

Having had numerous run-ins with the sub-simian-level intellects at the WellsFargo L.A. credit card office, culminating in my cancelling my card account with them, I was concerned that they would quickly ruin Norwest.

It took them 5 years, but their mission of pulling Norwest down to the level of the L.A. credit card office has now been accomplished.

The day before Thanksgiving, I needed money(Yes, I know I should have planned better and gotten the money earlier in the week).

I put my ATM/Check card into the machine next to my bank branch and the machine kept the card, flashed a bunch of “error” messages and went dark.

After standing in line at a desk marked “Customer Service” for 5 minutes and receiving no service, I got in the long line to the tellers’ windows, waited another 5-10 minutes, got my money, and ordered a new card.

The new card came yesterday. I called the phone number on the attached sticker,gave the automated voice the info it desired and was assured that the card was “fully activated”.

Later that day, I pulled up to an ATM fairly remote from any of the local branches, used my new card, and was promptly told that the PIN( the one I have that dates back to Norwest) I used did not match my account number!! So much for “fully activated”!! Luckily, my wife had her card, which worked perfectly, or we’d have had to drive several miles to branch bank for money.

The ninny I reached via the 800 number on the back of my card told me that this “never” happens–that a replacement card “always” works with the old PIN.
When I asked if she had any info on a possible new PIN being assigned to this card, she had no such info. She did offer to order me yet another replacement card, warning that THIS card would have another PIN that would arrive approx. one week after the card. She also suggested contacting someone at my local branch.

So now I have to go to a branch bank and waste time retelling my tale of woe to someone who likely won’t come up with any better idea than to order another card, depriving me of a usable card for another 2 weeks.

Why tell a customer that a card is “fully activated” when it’s not?

Why does it take a full week to get another card to me? It’s not MY fault that the old one was lost in the first place, so why can’t they speed things up in a case where the customer is not at fault? Why does it take yet another week to get a PIN for that card? The bank has my email address, so why can’t they send my PIN via an email that won’t deliver that number until I answer some personal questions whose answers are known only to the bank and me?

Why do most of their machines capture cards, while most of the old Norwests simply had you swipe through?

BTW, their website sucks, too. I tried to email someone about this problem and by the time the email was ready to send, was told that my session had timed-out and that I’d have to sign on again and re-type my inquiry!


Norwest incompetence had ruined the former Midwest Federal Bank. It’s just Wells invented a newer level of incompetence. I will darken neither of their doorsteps. I had the Midwest account for 28 years before Norwest took it. When their screw ups amazed me, I decided to go to Wells. Who made me miss Norwest. US Bank is good. TCF bank, aside from the slack jawed yocals that set up accounts, has been stellar.

Run away. There are other banks.

I came in to make the same comment, only about United Bank of Colorado. I agree entirely that the OP should flee Wells Fargo.