Welp, looks like the pandemic is over in Arizona

I kind of assumed that was a big part of why the Dakotas are extra bad.

The constitutional principle is that the states–at least the original 13–were sovereign states that banded together in a union with limited powers and all powers not explicitly granted to the federal government were reserved to the states–or the people thereof. This is not true of counties and municipalities which are chartered by the states and have no inherent rights.

Obviously many of the rights granted to the federal government–most notably the interstate commerce clause–have expanded far beyond what the framers intended but that is not relevant here.

I’m not ILMV1, but I think they were talking about the broader point that conservatives seem to think that local control is better. States can certainly grant localities the power to have a mask mandate at the local level if the locality thinks it’s necessary, and it would seem to be in line with conservative thinking about local control.

Well… in line with what they say, maybe…

I understand that. I know that counties and towns have no inherent rights. I meant that you’d think the GOP would in principle be for the smaller governments having the option to tailor local regulations to their specific circumstances in some situations. I mean heck, some RWers believe county sheriffs are basically emperors with practically unlimited powers

I probably should have put “city and county rights” in quotes.

Setting aside this particular issue–because it probably is not the best example–there are many situations where people on both sides of the political aisle like to see broadly-sweeping rules like this.

Many situations in a country like America require making a decision between contradictory principles.

On the one hand, it is often a very good idea to allow cities and counties to make their own rules, because they are “on the ground,” and know that their particular situation is.

On the other hand, modern society is a mobile society. Untold millions of people live in one city/county, but work in another. And families often go on day trips–even a trip of 50 miles will quite often pass through multiple jurisdictions. And thus there is ALSO a great deal to be said for these “preemption” measures, that prohibit localities from making their own rules. How would YOU like it, if, every time you wanted to go on a trip, you had to research 3-7 different sets of laws, to make sure that you wouldn’t do anything that would get you into legal trouble on your trip?

For several years, the state didn’t have laws forbidding texting and/or using phones while driving. It was OK in Maricopa county and a huge fine with a ticket in Yavapai and Pima counties. Cities also made their own rules about the issue. Now the state has a law covering the entire state, but those county and city laws/regulations are still in effect.

I don’t understand why mask mandates would be that much different.

Tucson and Flagstaff are defying do-nothing Douchey and still have mask mandates. I’m guessing they are counting on him not doing anything and they are probably right.

Currently Arizona is at 30% vaccinated. A quick look at the health department shows over 300 appointments, which doesn’t include pharmacies and PODs.

There was an outreach vaccination event in my community last week. I drove by the parking lot several times just because I am nosy and never saw more than 8 cars. As 6 of the cars didn’t move, I assumed those cars belonged to the volunteers manning the event.

Don’t come to Arizona. If you must come to Arizona, do it within the next couple of weeks and leave quickly because things are going to get bad again.

So do you think that local officials should always follow a governor’s mandates, or only when it suits them?

Only when it suits me, obviously!

And get vaccinated in those couple weeks, while waiting for spots to open up in your home state.

Oh absolutely! There’s plenty of vaccinations just sitting around feeling lonely and rejected.

On the ground here in Phoenix, I have gone to several stores yesterday and today (I’m now fully vaccinated and still using masks) like Frys or World Market, the big standees or posters at the door about masks needed are gone, but I did observe a 100% compliance with masks among the customers and workers in middle to high class establishments. At Costco I still saw the ads about using masks, so as of today it seems that most people are ignoring what El Douche Doug Ducey is requesting.

In less well to do places, I did observe a few Karens that did go without a mask, but very few so far. Beside that encouraging bit of news, vaccination drives do continue. Here is hoping that most people do continue to ignore the Governor until most are vaccinated.

Maybe you mean just sitting around and feeling lonely and non-injected. :wink:

Good to hear @GIGObuster. I am almost madder at our board of supervisors than I am at Douchey, so I do my grocery shopping at Anthem and use the dispensary in New River. Suck it up, BOS, you are NOT getting my sales taxes! (I’m not really cutting my nose off, I live in the middle so its the same distance wise to shop in Maricopa county and driving an interstate is always safer than driving a highway IMHO.)

I honestly don’t think we are going to get better than 50% vaccinated. I can’t give you cites or anything and yes it is my opinion only, but I see a lot and I hear a lot. I hope I’m wrong.

As much as I would like to, I can’t blame the current rise in cases on opening the state back up because its too soon for that. State: Daily case report the highest in 2 weeks

That seems to be happening all over. I think it must be the ore infectious variants on the spread.

I think the most upsetting part about this is that I have been predicting all this shit all along and nobody listens to me. I had to send toilet paper to my own mother fer crying outloud!

How difficult would it be to change my username to Cassandra?

True enough, daily cases are a lagging indicator but with cases rising it’s not time to change course. Its like stopping to take a breather from stacking sandbags when the water’s still rising or worse, start pulling them down.

One MD interviewed on the radio likened it to spiking the ball on the five-yard line.

Easy. :wink: