Welp, looks like the pandemic is over in Arizona

Wanna go out for a drink or three?

"Citing expanded vaccine distribution and declining case numbers, Gov. Doug Ducey on Thursday lifted COVID-19 restrictions on Arizona businesses and events and prohibited, in most cases, the enforcement of local mask mandates.

In a surprise announcement, the Republican leader said events drawing more than 50 people, such as youth sports tournaments and concerts, would no longer require governmental approval.

He gave bars the go-ahead to resume regular operations, saying previously required mitigation measures for other businesses would become “recommendations.”

And he stripped cities and counties of their power to enforce mask mandates, except in government buildings or on public transportation."

They keep on doing this, and I’ve never yet seen a rationale for this part. If the state authorities want to end the statewide restrictions, well, that’s their business, but why stop localities from choosing to impose their own restrictions?

It really irritates me that the only places that can enforce mask mandates is government buildings. The taxpayers don’t need protection, but government workers do.

If I’m reading it correctly, individual businesses can still require masks. But local governments can only require masks in government buildings.

Americans are never going to solve this virus problem. I know there’s not to be politics in this forum, but I’m damn sure glad that my Governor is actually trying to beat this virus. His political denomination will not be mentioned. I live in Illinois.

Our governor is Ducey, hard R, who was apparently banking on a cushy job in the 2nd Drumph administration. We call him Douchey. Failed businessman & term limited out I think this year. But overall very typical of Arizona politicians. And trying like he’ll to do as much damage as he can before he goes.

I really don’t get this. We’ve seen it in other states too, like Texas. It seems totally against conservative political beliefs to not allow small jurisdictions to make their own rules (as long as they are Constitutional, both State and Federal). Seems a lot like when the Federal government makes rules and laws binding the separate states and leaving them no choices in the matter. Isn’t that what the GOP abhors?

State’s rights? What about city and county rights?

From a different piece "Justifying the reason for removing local mask mandates, Ducey said local mandates “have rarely, if ever, been enforced.”

And, I’m sure that part of the reason for removing statewide bans in places like Arizona and Texas is because there are large swaths of area where there are few people. They’re all socially distancing because there’s no one else around, so why should they also have to wear a mask?

I get that. I get that not everywhere needs to be treated exactly the same. What I don’t get is why they insist on treating everyone the same by removing ALL bans and saying that city/county can’t instill their own rules.

Well, that’s another state I won’t be traveling to in the near future.

Is chauvinism politics? I’m proud of my state too, which is Indiana, and this does not happen often. I’m especially impressed with our Republican governor, for whom I did not vote, but who is definitely the governor of the whole state, not just the people who voted for him.

Leaving the likely answer aside (political posturing), if the governor is concerned about the economic hit of mask mandates to bars and restaurants, he or she may decide it’s better to override the local mayors and get the service economy going again.

This is a false dichotomy, of course, because if there’s a third (fourth, fifth, new variant, etc.) wave, people will just not go out, causing the economic damage to continue longer than it otherwise would have.

Because they go places like stores where there are other people and they often commute to cities or larger towns for work. My morning commute was never less than 30 minutes.

And yeah, don’t come here. I’m willing to bet Arizona will never reach 50% vaccinations.

What are you proud about? 10% of your population has tested positive for COVID like many other states. Indiana is not particularly low on this important category. Florida has done almost everything wrong and is also at roughly 10%. Same with Texas.

Indiana and my state of NJ haven’t actually done any better than most of the states being stupid.

BTW: States doing well are Hawaii but they have some big advantages. Vermont, Maine, Oregon, Washington & New Hampshire.

States doing especially bad: ND, SD & Rhode Island.

I think that this is sufficiently political that it belongs in P&E instead of QZ.

I’m unclear: have the majority of people been vaccinated yet? If not, how is the danger of new infections not still above the threshold level at this time?

No. And they don’t want to be. As of this morning, there are almost 70,000 unwanted doses sitting around because the local yokels are still fucking flying Trump flags and thinking that COVID is a hoax.

I think the only way Arizona is going to get to 50% vaccinated is if schools require it. Of course, kids here go to school with measles, so I doubt that COVID vaccine requirements will be enforced.

Again, don’t come to Arizona for the next couple of decades. If you must, bring a hazmat suit cause its not safe here and its just going to get worse.

I think Biden needs to take action here. First, prohibit any federal travel to AZ, Tx and Mississippi.

Next after a warning is given, shutter all federal agencies that are open to the public, giving the employees paid time off, but they should stay at home as much as possible (except those working remotely of course).

Next move out all military personnel.

Yes, the Governors are in charge of their own states, but the President is in charge of him employees.

I mean conventions have done so:

When Texas ended its mask mandate, the event cancellations started — and the losses are adding up

At least four conferences were canceled in Austin because of the lack of a statewide mask mandate. The cancellations have caused the Hilton Austin hotel to lose out on $350,000 of revenue, according to Austin Convention Enterprises.

On Thursday, the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology announced it was canceling the in-person portion of its annual conference that was to be held in Austin due to the end of Texas’ COVID-19-related precautions…“The policies that Gov. Abbott moved the state into just created a condition we couldn’t work around,” he said. “We think it was premature, and I would say that goes with a lot of other sentiment out there.”

Also need to factor in how the States that did things wrong spread covid? Sturgis Motorcycle rally was a super spreader event that blew a plague across the midwest.

All government offices, federal, state, county and city, etc have been closed to the public for almost a year. Its online or phone only and due to the pandemic, all response times have moved from weeks to months. Business who do not depend on tax money had to open to the public or close forever. This is one of the many reasons I’m so fucking pissed off.

Do nothing Douchey, who is indeed term limited out this year which pisses me off because I can’t vote against him, has been safe during this whole mess. He jumped the line for his vaccination and took his wife on an out of state trip during the worse of Arizona’s mess because it was their anniversary.

I just looked and the county webpage is showing over a hundred appointments in different locations available tomorrow. More are available Saturday. Fewer are available on Sunday but that’s probably because lots of volunteering folks are also church folks. Monday’s slots are all open.

AND just because I like to get my blood pressure up, today I met a friend for lunch. That means we each brought our own lunches and sat in our own cars in a shopping center parking lot. Last week at least 3 in 10 shoppers were wearing or carrying masks. Today we counted masked shoppers on our fingers and didn’t run out in an hour. Constant traffic and the parking lots were all full, though.

That’s just horrible I feel so sorry for you.