Welp, this place has changed

I haven’t posted to SDMB in years. I was certainly controversial back in the day, though I was never well-liked. Holy shit, this site has become impossible to navigate.

No hate, times change, but wow. I’m sad. Death of an era, woe is me, gnashing of teeth… etc etc. Can’t find my PM history, and that’s why I’m here :frowning: If anyone can share the username of the awesome doctor dude who recovered from an opiate addiction and went on to do awesome medical things, I’d be much appreciative.

If not, that’s cool too. Hi, fellow SDMBers! Hope you’re doing well, even those who hated me back in the day <3


Nailed it, much love. Hope you, yours, and all dopers are doing well.

Try it for a bit, it’s actually better message board software in pretty much every way.


Yeah, once you get used to the difference, it’s way better. I’m much more active since the change (Is that good or bad? You decide!).

Yeaah but I’m a creature of habit. Glad you like it! I’ll stick to Reddit.

Reddit is much much worse. Tiny avatars (typically some default cute creature sporting a weird antenna or two), hard to follow threads where it is very easy for replies to escape your notice (which vanish off of the first page very quickly, and thus have very short lifespans), confabulists galore. [Welp we get some of those here too of course]

Was it that different a year and a half ago?

But Reddit doesnt treat their posters like they were children and they dont eventually ban most of the best posters.

Neither does this place, so it is all to the good…unless of course you have a non-standard definition of “best”.

No. This place allows bullying and pileons which drive otherwise good posters to overreact. Whats left is a board that is like a dark smalltown which doesnt take kindly to outsiders nor opinions outside the orthodox.
Also, as the members here age they become less tolerant of more youthful and playful content. This is evidenced by a lack of tolerance for modern social media grammar and spelling.
Now things would be better if various groups could comingle and the board population once again grow. But it aint happening with the current rules nor moderation.

That should be “or moderation.” (Ducks, leaves)

Nothing to do with the software, of course. I could argue that insistence on certain standards of spelling and grammar aid in communication both ways. I could argue that this isn’t social media in the commonly accepted sense, and that there are no prizes for brevity. But I won’t bother because I don’t think I’ve ever changed a mind yet.

Yes, we should all long for a board where the response to the above would be,


I am sorry that we had to see that. (Point made and taken.)

It never hurts to add your voice to the discussion which was my bigger point…the more voices the better for everyone.

I dont know what it means but I like it.

I dunno about spelling, but there does seem to have been a definite drop in more playful content. I wonder if you’re right about it being due to the average age of the members increasing along with the age of the board?

Re the OP, did the old PMs even copy over from vBulletin?

They did.

To the OP, if you click your avatar up to the right on the title line, next to the “hamburger” menu, then click the envelope icon, you should see all past PMs.