Welsh singer and itchy bottomed dog blooper

I remember watching a British show on bloopers or out takes as we like to call them - one that had me in fits of laughter is of a Welsh singer standing on a beautiful green hillside singing away and his white dog decides to scoot down the hill on his bum. I’ve tried searching for this but can’t find on the net…so, does anyone know what I’m talking about and if they do, do they know where to find it?

In a way, I’m relieved that “welsh singer dog bum outtake” didn’t actually turn up anything on YouTube.

I know the clip you mean. I’m pretty sure it was on one of the It’ll Be Alright on the Night compilations with Denis Norden, as I remember him making a crack about how the title of the song was Welsh for “My dog likes sledging down hills on his backside” or something.

Beyond that I haven’t been able to track it down online.

Here is a forum post where someone else is looking for the clip. No success, but there is a bit more information.

Edit: If it is from IBAOTN3, try this.