Went to a fun foodie event today


Food and wine tasting, and presentations by famous chefs, all outside in the beautiful Scottsdale weather (actually, it was a bit too warm, but still…).
Very enjoyable.

That looks like fun. Did you sample anything particularly fantastic?

There was a lot of yummy treats, and naturally, I can barely remember who made what (sigh).
There was a delicious mini calamari taco in a fried taro-root shell, by Deseo (I think).
One restaurant had scallops on polenta (mmm… scallops).
Another had paté de Fois Gras on a little tart (almost like a dessert). Sorry, but without trying to offend one our our prolific posters, Fois Gras is delicious!
One thing we really liked is there was no shortage of food - unlike some of these events where there is one sample per person, these seemed to have no limit - when we left, we were full.
Ming Tsai gave a very entertaining cooking demo, and Stephanie Izard followed with own standing-room-only lesson.
All in all, a very enjoyable way to spend most of the day.
This was their first year - my guess is that it’s going to be much more crowded next year!

Wow - you did get a lot. I agree that these things tend to be so crowded with lines of people waiting for one tiny spoonful of something that it doesn’t seem worth it. But you scored! The scallops on polenta sounds quite yummy.