We're all in the mood for a melody

Killifornia by Church of Misery

jagger and co breaks down 40 years of American foreign policy in 4 in a half minutes …note this was banned by the BBC and other radio stations back in the day

A rebel song.

Hooked on Gaelic phonics:

Okay, that made me smile.

Here’s one backacha:

Happy 30th birthday*, Loveless!

Two thoughts: 1991 was quite a year for seminal album releases, and 30 years?!?! Shit, I’m old.

* There is currently a wikipedia battle with people switching the release date between Nov 4 and 11. If I’m celebrating a week early, so be it.

Post-birthday, let’s go with the mellow version.

Salvation In Sacrifice by Dead Label:

Just a little love song.

More birthdays - happy 50th birthday, Led Zeppelin IV!

:+1: I’ve read it in my local paper, of all sources, that today is the 50th birthday of Led Zeppelin IV. And Levee definitely is the best song from it, maybe the best thing they ever did.

How’s about some good old ELP !!
(Featuring the amazing (& gorgeous) Rachel Flowers who’s been blind pretty much since

Sturgill Simpson live and his amazing former guitarist, Laur Joamets. Just fucking epic outlaw Americana.

Or, I challenge you all not to watch and listen to this without shedding a tear or three. I cannot imagine anyone thinking this isn’t just a heartfelt, epic song about love and loss. You will have something in your eye.