We're all in the mood for a melody

Some more blue eyed soul. Not quite Etta, but pretty close.

And, some soul eyed soul to remind us…

OP said only one post per day, but I’ll let you slide because you can’t go wrong with Beth and Otis. :+1:

Man that Beth can sang! Holy smoke, I have chills.

The lyrics

Abhorrent Decimation:

This song is haunting me right now. More than just an earworm. I keep wanting to listen to it again.

It’s my cake day so here’s a birthday song by Anne Reburn most of you probably haven’t heard:


Hey kids, who wants to hear a nice murder ballad?

My favourite C86 band, still putting out the wonderful low-fi DIY vibes:

Good stuff. I had no idea they were still around.

Abide with me, on some horns.

Ohio Slam Boys:

What you need, is some Sunday madness.

Maybe just a little mentally unstable, but not mad…

Friday night, time for loud. White Stripes meets Muse.