We're already seeing too many threads on the same topic.

I put the “word” Zzzzzz in two columns. Fine, maybe I should not have, but both were topics about God, and both were very general in nature. Both were started by “Guests” I think (at least one was). The “Zzzzzz” was not because I thought the topic was “uninteresting”–it’s the fact that basically the same thread is getting posted that is uninteresting.

There was a topic in GD about the probablity of life on other planets. Within a week the same Q is posted in GQ–by a “Guest.”

Also, the troll problem seems much worse now that the board has gone to the new system. And they are the worst kind of trolls. I’ve seen nazi trolls ruin other boards and hope the infection here doesn’t get too bad.

I’m glad to see that lots of people have signed up, and I think things are going pretty good so far. I just would like to suggest that things not be too “fixed”–please make adjustments as needed to keep up the board as functional as possible.
[/minor venting]

I haven’t noticed any huge influx of trolls.

Sounds like you`re trolling to me…

OK, maybe just one that is especially annoying and obvious.

How’s about instead of popping in with a “Zzzzzzz…” you link them to the other threads? That way you look like less of asshole.

Didn’t we recently have a thread on this topic?

If not, more of asshole is how you are looking.

Guests don’t have the ability to search the board.

Any hope of a new joiner on the 30 day thing doing the decent thing and searching to see has the subject been talked about is gone now.

You’ll have to get used to it I’m afraid.