We're back?

Well, at least we didn’t have to wait until Monday. Seriously, isn’t this getting a little repetitive?

It’s not a bug. It’s a feature.

It keeps sausage inserting the sausage word sausage ‘sausage’ in my sausage posts.

I can’t find a thread I started on Saturday. Did the hamsters eat it?

It may have gotten moved by accident along with the no-content threads. I’ve fixed it.

No content thread? Is that something new you’re doing? Thanks, by the way…I thought I was going nuts!

While posting wasn’t working, people were communicating via thread titles alone. Eventually all posting was turned off and those ‘blank’ threads were whisked away. Yours probably got grabbed by mistake.

The Jinx Pit thread was removed too.

Oh, I must have missed that outage. Maybe I’ll be invited to the next one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again, Marley. Got to keep FloriDopers updated on the hurricane!

Yeah it was a rare, but fun period of rebelion.

And pseuditron’s Pit thread about eating out with his co-workers.

Totally Dude. FIGHT THE POWER. Maybe you’ll get a weird haircut next. That’ll show the world.

I made you a thread, but I eated it. :frowning:



You ate mine, too. I start few enough as it is; you can’t have this one. Cough it up, Bucko!

All the threads should be back now.

You work fast.
Get a life, willya? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for taking care of stuff, Marley23 (and I assume other mods?)

I had nothing to do with getting the board back online, but you can thank me for getting those threads back. :wink: Some of them may not be in the same forum they were originally, so report them as necessary, but I think all of them are visible again.

Nope, just Marley. He’s got no life. That, and he’s the new guy.

Oh, Lackey…