Posts after 11pm EDT 9-18 lost?

I posted a thread in MPSIMS which is no longer there. IIRC I posted it around
midnight last night, and since I don’t see it I assume the techs reverted to an
earlier backup? I guess I’ll post it again…

I think I saw that thread, and tried to read it–but there was no text at all. I clicked the link for the thread, and saw only a quick reply box. Must admit, I was unable to resist the temptation to post a witty “Who stole the OP?”, but it didn’t seem to work either…

Oakminster is right, John DiFool: your OP had no text due to a board problem. All of the threads like that have been removed from sight, so please feel free to start a new thread.

In some cases, that’s too bad. The “threads” being created during the problem period had some pretty funny titles as Dopers amused themselves at the Board’s expense. I’m still snickering over the “Entire Bush Administration resigns! President Franken takes office” and the “Jihadists surrender! “Fuck this shit” says Bin Laden” titles.

I was trying to post slightly after that, and got the “our database is slightly hosed” message, and then a message saying my post was identical to one I had done in the past five minutes. That was a new one to me.

The most witty and intelligent posts I ever made were during that period. Now no one will ever appreciate the bon mots that spewed from my brain and it will never happen again.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

I saw that thread, when I clicked on it, I realized you had broken the board. Please do not do this again. No one likes a broken board.

Bad DiFool.

Jim :wink: Of course I Pity DiFool.

Coming Soon! To an ATMB near you! The undead thread titles from the SDMB graveyard.

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Thrrreeeeeeadsssssssss! Yummmmmmmy Thrrreeeadssssss!

I was going to ask in another thread what happened, but it’s probably just some IT technical thing I wouldn’t understand anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I might. Wha’ hoppen?

Xash has done as promised: