We're falling a little behind in our celebrity deaths. [Phyllis Diller, William Windom]

Phyllis Diller


William Windom

Dammit, didn’t see the other William Windom thread.

According to the timestamp on the Phyllis Diller story, her death was reported 35 minutes ago. You can’t be more ahead of a death notice unless you killed her yourself.

Yeah, in the Death Pool, we don’t appreciate cheating.

Well, in my defense, it was already on Facebook (and I didn’t put it there).

And Tony Scott makes three.

I met William Windom once, at a Star Trek convention. I talked with him for about half an hour. He was witty and gracious, and he just glowed when I told him I’d loved “My World and Welcome to It.” He said hardly anyone ever mentioned that one at Star Trek conventions. I will miss him.

That show introduced me to James Thurber. I did not like his ‘turning insane’ in Star Trek.

Since each of these people has his or her own thread, I’m going to close this one.