We're going to Mayberry... recommendations?

Hi folks,

The GF and I are going to Mt Airy, NC for a day this weekend. Any suggestions/ recommendations on Bed and Breakfasts, Dining, and other nearby interests?

Thanks in advance!


If you have extra time and like hiking in parks nearby are Hanging Rock, Pilot Mountain and Stone Mountain state parks. That 2nd name should sound a little familiar.

My father-in-law travels down there on business with some regularity, and he swears by the Snappy Lunch.

I would suggest avoiding making a u-turn near the town center. That might be grounds for a CITIZEN’S ARREST! CITIZEN’S ARREST! CITIZEN’S ARREST! by the local garage owner or employees thereof.

If you’re a fan of the Andy Griffith Show, they offer tours in a '60s-era Galaxie police car. My wife and I took one once when we were passing through and it’s cheesy but fun and gives you a nice overview of the town’s history and sites associated with Griffith himself.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the good info! We’ll only be there sunday, so i think we can keep busy. We’re gonna stay at a B&B on Sat night, do a bit of Mayberry (maybe even the squad car tour) on Sunday, head back to Rolly in the aft. Thanks again!


p.s. i sure won’t be doing any mid-street u-turns, ha!