We're going to 'Vegas!

Yesterday, hubby was on the phone for a long time. He kept waving me away, or going off into the shop to keep me from hearing who he was talking to. :dubious: Hmm.
At one point I saw his AmEx card in front of him… Oh, Oh.

Finally finished, he came to me held my face and asked “Do you love me?”

I said, puzzled, “Of course I do.”

Jumping up and down, (No longer holding my face, that might hurt!) he said, “We’re going to 'Vegas! We’re staying at the Bellagio, in a suite, just like when we got married. Can we renew our vows? We leave August 14[sup]th[/sup] and come back August 18[sup]th[/sup]. I’ll even go on the roller coaster with you. It’s what we’re doing with the bonus. We might as well enjoy the ‘found’ money. Whoo hoo!” (It was actually more like one long word.) Then, he went, bounding away, like a puppy.
So, we’re going. Las Vegas. It was 107°F there today. I’m so happy. No, I really, really am. Happy. I couldn’t be happier. Could I?
I’m really flattered about the renewal of our vows. I’m glad he still loves me.

I guess I’m still a little shocked, is all.

Whatever you do , don’t forget the money . :stuck_out_tongue: . Oh, and by the way congrats :smiley:

Suite at Bellagio? Y-A-W-N. :wink: But a guy who will “even” ride a roller coaster with you?

Renew your vows, girl. I think you’re both really fortunate, and I envy you.

The story behind the roller coaster is that he once fell through a floor in a fire. He’s been unwilling to go “weightless” again.
I love roller coasters. I doubt the one at NewYork New York will be much, but, it’s worth a try.