We're Number 111! We're Number 111!

There’s a web-page out there called “Bigboards.com” which ranks message boards by usage. According to them the SDMB is the 111th largest message board on the interwebs: link.

Of course, if we pretend the rankings are given in binary, we really shoot to to the top of the heap!

I’m pretty sure that we were in the Top 20 at one time.

Is there a list of longest-lived message boards?


The Straight Dope doth be the noblist of message boards!

alas, with little discussion in dutch about horses, this was unsustainable (dutch board dedicated to horse talk is the #16(!) most used board in all the internet)

This jumped out at me:

Who could argue?

If you sort only the boards in English, we’re Number 83!!!

Wow. The amazing thing is how bizarre the better ranked boards are.

Subaru Imprezas generate that much discussion? Forums devoted to specific types of cars are way more popular than I would have expected.

In your face, Runescape Community!

Don’t let it go to your head. According to comScore, the entirety of the straightdope.com domain reaches only 0.2% of the web population with ~382,000 visitors in January. By way of comparison, I Can Has Cheezburger got 871,000 visitors.

The Straight Dope - less than half a Cheezburger*

  • According to comScore January 2010 data. YMMV.

It’s okay. Personally, I’d rather have Dope than a Cheezburger.

But I guess if you have enough Dope, a Cheezburger ain’t that bad!

Spam ads, maybe?

Hey, if we left all the spam posts in here, we’d have a billion posts, too. :smiley: